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10 (or more) Alternate ‘Batman vs. Superman’ Titles WB should TOTALLY Use

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Let’s start the week off with something a bit unconventional and do something fun with one of our recent stories!

For those who haven’t kept up with the latest sizzling entries of our fabulous INTERN-Net news team, fellow OOU contributor Thomas Mariani reported on the rumored titles that Warner Bros. is toying around with for the Man of Steel sequel, which is still tenatively titled Batman vs. Superman. As Tom put so eloquently, one would think that this placeholder is enough to get butts in seats, but apparently WB wants to keep “Man of Steel” in the title, with various subtitles pertaining to BatAffleck’s presence in the film. And, as Tom also stated quite well, they all suck. I’m sure most people with a decent eye for catchy titles would agree with Tom and I, but as someone who really liked Man of Steel, I’d imagine that I’m even more peeved at the unoriginality and forced nature of these titles than most people.

So where should we vent this disappointment? Well, dear readers, looks like we’re both in luck. With this editorial platform, I will throw out my own suggestions for the official title of the next Man of Steel film, with snarkiness turned up to 11. By the way, if you’ve been keeping up with all the news surrounding the film’s production, chances are you’ll enjoy this even more. Here goes:

Batman vs. Superman: DC’s Only Hope

Batman vs. Superman: For the Last Time, No Christian Bale

Batman vs. Superman: Trust Us, Ben Affleck’s Gonna Be Good

Batman vs. Superman: Forget Daredevil

Batman vs. Superman: Geek Tested, Kevin Smith-Approved

Batman vs. Superman… and maybe Wonder Woman

Batman vs. Superman vs. Wonder Woman… and maybe the Flash

Batman vs. Superman vs. Wonder Woman vs. The Flash… and maybe that guy from Girls

Batman vs. Superman: Never Mind About that guy from Girls

Batman vs. Superman: A Desperate Shortcut to Justice League

Batman vs. Superman: We’ll Worry About Green Lantern Later

Batman vs. Superman: We Have No Villains Yet

Man of Steel and the Cramming-In of the DC Universe

Man of Steel and the Hefty Collateral Damage Bill

Man of Steel: DC’s Back-up Plan Rises

Man of Steel: Battle the (Dark) Knight

Man of Steel: Black of (Dark) Knight

Man of Steel: (Dark) Knight Falls

Man of Steel: The Dark(Knight)ness Within

Man of Steel: Dark Knight 2.0

Man of Steel: Curb Your Mxyzptlk

Man of Steel 2: The Search for More Money

Man of Steel: Remember that time Superman killed Michael Shannon?

Phew, that was fun. Hope it was as much fun reading as it was for me playing around with it.

So what say you, OOU followers? Do any of these titles strike your fancy? Think you can come up with a better one? Sound off in the comments below!