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Youtube: INTERN-net News Episode 2

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Welcome to episode 2 of INTERN-net News, with your Host Chris Harrison!

There is a vast pool of exciting news every week, and in our effort to bring you brand new, engaging content join me as I discuss the weekly news and gossip in film, TV, comic books and anything else that gets us talking.

This week’s news includes 24 characters return for Live Another Day, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch casting in Avengers 2, the possibility of a Mass Effect movie, a Brian Salisbury cameo, disappearing jackets and much more.

Most importantly, this show is all about you. Get involved in the discussion, tell us what you think about these stories and if there’s a story you want to create conversation about then throw a question my way either on Twitter or right here each week.

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Born in Dundee, Scotland, Chris Harrison is an Actor and Director of both film and stage. He has worked with the National Theatre of Scotland, Dundee Rep Theatre, Sky Sports and such writers as Edward Bond and Neil Duffield. Currently, Chris is studying at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. Naturally, Chris has always had an interest in Cinema, Television, Comic Books, gaming and tested the waters with the Saw Podcast and a number of gaming podcasts before finding a home here at OneOfUs. An avid follower of OneOfUs since inception, Chris is exceptionally excited to be part of the team.
  • phillipkslick

    The Doctor Who anniversary doesn’t really have me all that excited. I didn’t like series 7 much at all, like 2 episodes worked for me, and the news of David Tennant coming back is actually a deterrent for me, I just never liked him as the Doctor, and Matt Smith is wearing thin for me since series 7. I hope is good though, I don’t want the anniversary to be a whimper.

    • Chris Harrison

      Season 7 was definitely a mixed bag. Even the good episodes are pretty meh. I can’t really place my finger on why that is. Perhaps the split season, I couldn’t get into it at all.

      I enjoy both Tennant and Smith. The problem with both of these Doctors is the episodes and stories they reside in. Tennant’s doctor went more and more downhill and Smith never really got to the highs he should have unfortunately. I am looking forward to the Anniversary episode though. I hope I’m not disappointed.

  • Jean-François Martel

    The Simpsons have been getting slightly better recently. It’s nowhere near as good as the early seasons but it’s generally decent and they have at least one or two great episodes a season (and a bunch of mediocre to offensive ones too i won’t lie). If the show is to get canceled at one point i hope it gets a decent sendoff, if possible a one hour or 90 minutes special (and the could bring back Conan… I can dream)

    I am surprisingly excited for Thor: the Dark World. I am rarely that excited for superhero movies (i like them but i’m not usually waiting for them) unless they’re directed by Joss Whedon, but i really loved the first one. Plus i’m happy Christopher Eccleston is in it.

    • Chris Harrison

      The thing with Buffy was, season 6 was incredibly dark (which I loved) but I guess they felt after the criticism they had to make it more like earlier seasons, I’d have liked to see it got even darker.

      Some of the events are incredibly dark and would have fit in to a darker season very well (eyeballs etc). Just like how Season 4 of Angel was pretty dark.

      • Jean-François Martel

        I agree i would have welcomed another dark season like season 6 (which is my favorite), I like the tone of season 7 and it fits with the state of mind of the characters who are for the most part in a slightly better place emotionally than season 6 but i’m a sucker for dark and gloomy stuff. But i also think there was so much going on in season 7 that they should have been given at least another 12 or 22 episodes to develop everything as needed. It felt very rushed (and i know it wasn’t their fault i mean, Sarah wasn’t coming back so they had to end it).

  • Darkman220

    There are Two shows Finale that I really like the first one was Harper’s Island it only lasted one season but the finale was great and the other I’m going to get made fun of for saying this and that is The O.C. I really like the way that show ended. Don’t judge me