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Watch a Movie with Us: ‘Piranha’

What’s that lurking beneath the waters? A hungry evil waiting to to devour you whole and spoil your aquatic hijinks? No, it’s not Jaws, it’s something far…cheaper.

That’s right, kiddies! We’ve got another premium horror movie commentary for you, and this time it’s got some real bite to it. We’re watching Joe Dante’s beautiful 1978 rip-off Piranha. I can’t tell you how much I have been waiting for the chance to feature a Roger Corman production, and did we ever line up one hell of a guest for this momentous occasion.

Screenwriter/novelist/fellow mega-geek C. Robert Cargill (née Carlye) sit down with Chris & Brian to sink our teeth into this hilarious, but still intermittently brilliant monster movie.

And remember, although we’re watching the Blu-ray release, you can watch this wherever it’s available (except on TV with commercials, silly). Again, it’s on Netflix, so that’ll make it even easier. But just in case you want to pick up the same version we’re watching, you can pick it up from Amazon here…



Click Here to download this commentary track.