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Watch a Movie with Us: ‘Halloween’

It’s our favorite month of the year, October, and we’re celebrating by bringing some Halloween classics to “Watch a Movie With Us” that fill us with the spirit of the season.

Like, duh, Halloween.

As has been previously reported, oh, ten MILLION times, this is one of Brian’s very favorite movies ever, and to make sure this fact is cemented in your minds, he and Chris have brought in Jason Murphy from Rage Select to tag team with Brian on revealing their almost embarrassing wealth of knowledge about the minutiae of this horror classic.

Although we’ll be watching the new 35th anniversary Blu-ray edition of the film, we’ve tried to make it so you can watch along with us in any format you have…assuming you’re not watching it on the wrong speed or something. But if you do want to watch the same version we are (which admittedly, we sometimes comment on the differences in the new transfer’s look) you can buy it on Amazon here…

Halloween 35th Anniversary

You can download this commentary track right here.