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Watch a Movie with Us: ‘Carrie’

All Hallows Eve is almost upon us and in celebration of our favorite holiday, OneOfUs.Net is bringing you more of the world of classic horror, but with our own twist…watch that classic horror with us!

According to Wikipedia (so take that as you will) Brian De Palma’s directorial take on Stephen King’s Carrie is one of the most popular movies watched by teens on Halloween. It was a huge success both with audiences and critics when it came out in 1976, and even got an Oscar nod for actress Sissy Spacek and Best Supporting for actress Piper Laurie. But best of all (for our commenting purposes) it’s got John Travolta as one of the baddies and it’s DELICIOUSLY dated as hell.

Oh, you know this one is gonna be good.

On this loving mockery of a commentary track you’re gonna get your hosts, Brian and Chris, but as well Luke Mullen joins us and a special one-hour appearance by everyone’s favorite furious curmudgeon, Jason Murphy from Rage Select.

If you’re a Time Lord subscriber or above, you can download it right here.

And remember, although we’re watching the Blu-ray release, you can watch this wherever it’s available (except on TV with commercials, silly). It’s even on Netflix now, so that’ll make it even easier. But just in case you want to pick up the same version we’re watching, you can pick it up from Amazon here…


Carrie Blood