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Walter Whitey Tighties Sell For Thousands

From September 29th to October 9th, hosted a Breaking Bad auction, where various props from the show were sold. Walter White’s delicious whitey tighties were among the items purchased, selling for an absurd amount of $9,900. That’s one hell of a laundry bill. Variety reports the the auction in total nearly made $1 million. The highest bidding item that was sold was the inscribed copy of the book Leaves of Grass, which as we all know, became a major plot device. The book sold for $65,500.  Variety lists the other props and their bids as follows:

Hector “Tio” Salamanca’s bell ($26,750); the pink teddy bear that plunged from an exploding airliner ($23,250); the eyeless version of the teddy bear ($20,250); Tuco’s grill ($20,250); and Walter’s Cadillac ($19,750). Walt’s red car remote, which played a crucial role in the finale, went for $8,400.

Wow, the show ended two weeks ago, and people are still writing every little tidbit they can find about Breaking Bad. I guess everyone is still… Breaking Sad that it’s all over.

breaking sad

As for paying $9,900 for used, dirty, smelly, dank underwear, with the lovely sweaty presence of Bryan Cranston, the decision baffles me. It’s a lose-lose situation really. Either you wash it and have it lose its value, or you never wash it, and all you lose is your pride. I mean, I guess you could wear it around the house while wielding a pistol, and grab your junk while saying things like, “Auction this!” Other than that, if I walked in to a house, and saw a framed pair of dirty underwear and the person told me he paid $9,900 for them, I would hope that money went to a good cause, like a struggling laundromat.

What’s even crazier is that the Walter Whitey tighties sold more than Badger’s car, which was claimed for a paltry $500. I can’t even find a good moped for that much! A car for $500 dollars usually means that it is junk, but this is a fully functioning Pontiac Fiero that belonged to one of the characters on the show! The cheapest one I’ve seen by doing a quick online search, is $3,500, and that’s a used one, with 105,000+ miles on it. So $500 dollars for a semi-famous car that is functional, in my opinion, totally beats out paying $9,900 for underwear you’re probably not gonna wear or wash.

So fellow OOUies, which Breaking Bad prop would you want? How would you use that prop? Would you eat Bryan Cranston’s underwear? Whatever it is, comment below and let One of Us know!

Via Variety

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