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‘Thor: The Dark World’ predicted to strike lightning at box office

Looks like the box office figures for the next Marvel movie have been nailed down, and by a rather powerful hammer.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, tracking has started for how much the supehero sequel Thor: The Dark World is going to gross on its opening weekend, and it’s nothing short of gangbusters. The reported figure by Disney’s studio rivals has been that of $75 million or higher, which would surpass the first film’s numbers of about $65 million with ease, and could be in the running for one of the biggest openings in history for the month of November. On top of that, it would continue Disney/Marvel’s winning streak of success, which was extended earlier this year with Iron Man 3’s barrage of broken records. Thor: The Dark World will open domestically in three weeks on November 8.

Seeing that the real question is not if but rather how much this will be successful, there are factors here that are still worth pondering over to pinpoint how well this film will really do. For one, ever since The Avengers became the gargantuan smash hit it is today, popular interest in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has increased significantly, which should amount to subsequent Disney/Marvel doing great business for the rest of the forseeable future. While the massive success of Iron Man 3 can be considered proof of this, it should be noted that the Iron Man franchise has three standalone films over a span of five years, and the rest of the core Avengers team members have only had one film each that were nowhere near the juggernaut numbers of ol’ Shell-head. Saying that, though, if we were to use the logic of the MCU’s popularity growing more and more and consider how Iron Man’s sequels have been making more money than the last, then there’s a good chance that Thor: The Dark World could be bigger than we think. Besides, the film looks fantastic, so it’s got that going for it as well.

What do you guys think? What’s your prediction of Thor: The Dark World‘s opening weekend total? Do you have your own theories as to how much money this is going to make? Post your thoughts in the comments below.

Via The Hollywood Reporter

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