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‘The Starving Games’ latest trailer isn’t very appetizing

Words can not even describe how I felt after seeing the trailer for the (in my opinion) hack duo of Friedberg and Seltzer’s latest atrocity The Starving Games. Usually, I would open up with a lame anecdote or a failed attempt at some kind of clever humor, but I am honestly at a loss for words. So instead, the rest of this paragraph is going to consist of me of violently bashing my skull into the keyboard. My face is currently hovering over the keyboard. All right, here I go!

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And through the time-traveling power of paragraphs, it’s like my neighbors never had to drive me to the hospital, and the doctors didn’t say I experienced severe brain trauma affecting my short term memory and various other brain functions.  qerd3wrtfh3w4terfhgwregth…

Sorry, I had to wipe the blood and skull fragments off the keyboard. If you’re feeling particularly masochistic, you can view the trailer yourself here.

Come November 8th of this year, we are going to get yet another one of these movies, and judging by the trailer… It’s going to be a comedic masterpiece! In the beginning, they have this serious gritty tone to it and they set up a world that is bleak and dire, so it seems like they most DEFINITELY got the tone of the Hunger Games right. However, when the picture-perfect Jennifer Lawrence lookalike tells her little sister to “SUCK IT,” only to volunteer herself anyway for the Starving Games because her sister gave her the puppy dog eyes, I knew this was going to be pure comedy gold. There was a set up and a punchline and everything! There are many top-quality jokes throughout the trailer, but my favorite one was when we see the cameraman and the boom mic operator chasing the Katniss character and tripping over a log. This is obviously a satire on the heavy usage of the Cinéma vérité style that the original film was notorious for.

Aside from all the cleverly written humor, we also get references and cameos of characters from various franchises and pop-culture. Oh yes. Everything from the Na’vi from Avatar to Gangnam Style, there will be a PLETHORA of references that are completely relevant to make fun of today. When I saw Gandalf grab Katniss’ ass followed by the Avengers blowing up trying to recruit her, I said to myself, “Wow, what a clever way to bring these franchises together in a cohesive manner!”

There is one thing in this trailer however, that has my complete attention. They do something that no film has ever done before, and it is indeed the ballsiest thing we will ever see in cinema history. Never before in a film have I seen anyone bring old iPhone games to life. Yes, this film has the NUTS to bring Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja to the silver screen, and I am 100% behind that. I’ve always complained about meaningless references to random films, Jersey Shore, social networking sites, and various other pop culture stuff because they aren’t really jokes. They are just things that say, “Oh look! It’s a thing in the movie that everyone likes in real life!” Random referencing without a proper context is not comedy at all. HOWEVER! It seems like Friedberg and Seltzer heard my prayers! They are evolving pop culture referencing to the next level.

This film is indeed going to be a “tour de farce!” I would like to praise it some more, but for some reason my nose is bleeding and my left arm is numb. Wait… When did I get bandages on my head? This is strange… I seem to have a tattoo on my chest that says:

Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer murdered my brain.

Okay fellow OOUies, what do you think it will take for Friedberg and Seltzer to stop making movies? What would YOU do to stop them from making movies? On a more positive note, what are some actual good spoof movies? Whatever it is, comment below and let one of us know!

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