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The Pre-Weekend Recap: October 18, 2013

We’re introducing a weekly feature here on One of Us! Did real life prevent you from spending every waking hour on our site, reading our stories and listening to our content?  Well, don’t sweat it, we’ve got you covered.

Every Friday, we’ll be compiling some of the week’s activities and listing them out for you in one convenient spot. Click the images to get to the content, you know how the internet works. With that said, here’s this week’s Pre-Weekend Recap!




The Original Gentlemen have not abandoned us! After a long but unavoidable absence, Chris, Martin, and Beau are back to do what they do best: lay about and tell you what to think about pop culture.


Mind Crafts Episode 1


The inaugural episode of One of Us’ geeky crafting show debuted this week! In this entry, you’ll learn how to make your very-own Aquaman bathing suit, under the tutelage of our very talented host, Ashley Moreno!


Video: Brian Salisbury Reviews Night of the Creeps for Ain’t it Cool News


Recently, our very own Brian Salisbury was invited to appear on Ain’t It Cool News’ under-appreciated horror film series, Ain’t It Scary Reviews. He decided to talk about Night of the Creeps, a 1986 film directed by Fred Dekker. If the phrase “brain slugs turning college kids into zombies in the most ’80s way possible” doesn’t sell you on this one, check out the video and maybe Brian can win you over!


INTERN-Net News Episode 3


Our resident Scotsman, Chris Harrison, is back with the third installment of INTERN-Net News! On this episode, Doctor Who, Star Wars, and Breaking Bad are the topics du jour.


Doctor Who: Phantasmagoria Review


Speaking of the INTERN-Net, one in its number, Mr. John Eckes, took the time to review some classic Doctor Who audio drama for you. What did he think of 1999’s Phantasmagoria? Did Peter Davidson and Mark Strickson successfully reprise their roles as the Fifth Doctor and Turlough after 15 years? Read John’s review to find out!


That’s it for this week’s recap! But before I take off, check out the teaser trailer and the Austin Chronicle’s article about our upcoming feature, Write A Movie With Us! More details to come! Have a great weekend!