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The Ohio State Marching Band’s Latest Performance Will Blow Your Mind

I’m not a passionate college football fan, but I love the halftime shows. I’ve done some marching band routines in my time and I’ll testify from firsthand experience that anything less than 100% precision can result in the downfall of the entire performance. It takes weeks of diligent rehearsal to commit the most basic field maneuvers memory. The more complicated exercises are impressive, but they demand absolute accuracy to be effective. Adding the musical component to the movements is an equally-taxing challenge. The best marching best in the nation make it look easy, but their routines are definitely not.

I say all of this to put into perspective how BADASS the Ohio State Marching Band’s Saturday performance was. The band’s movie-themed act was a musical astonishment, but just wait until you see some of the formations they create with their members. Superman, Harry Potter, and Jeff Goldblum should be honored by such tributes. Check out the video below and share your thoughts about the performance in the comments!


Via Deadspin