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‘The Legend of Korra’ Bends Our Anticipation at NYCC

Greetings OOUie.netties! With NY Comic-Con flooding our geekmosphere, we are not short on exciting news. The panel that I WISH I could have attended was the Legend of Korra panel, because they showed the beginning of the 1 FULL HOUR episode that is scheduled for release this Friday! Maricela Gonzalez of Entertainment Weekly, describes the footage (don’t worry, I removed the spoiled half):

“…Within herself, Korra struggles to connect her two sides — the physical and the spiritual. Her spiritual self cycles through some notable past Avatars (Adult Aang! Roku!) before settling on Wan. Wan, the first Avatar, promises to help Korra find the mysterious Rava, once he shows her his origins. The rest of the episode continues in a vastly different time, before the Avatar brought balance between the spiritual and physical worlds. I won’t spoil Wan’s journey — at least the first part of it — but I can say some old fan favorites make appearances…”

It may come to a surprise to you, but I am a HUGE fan of Legend of Korra and the Avatar mythology. It was so refreshing to see a show that deals with the Eastern Asian philosophies of spirituality when M. Night Shyamalan Nickelodeon gifted it to us. When we transitioned in to Korra, the creator’s vision on how technology and society would advance, has created such a rich and detailed world that is just so fascinating and wonderful to explore (excuse my erection). I only had 2 criticisms of the first season which were: (1) I wished that in the first season, they would have delved a little more in to the social issues they set up of what a society of elemental benders and non-benders living together would arise, and a little less on the soapy relationship issues. (2) The ending of the season was a little lackluster and felt a little rushed. This is a little forgivable, because they didn’t expect the show to be a hit, and needed to end the story in this half season. However, it seemed as if the writers wrote themselves in a corner, and they had to solve it with a sort of deus ex machina.

This season I find to be in the same spirit (no pun intended I SWEAR) as the original, as we explore the spirituality of Korra. Similar yet different to the arc with Ang, in where he had to abandon all desires and materialistic needs in order to reach enlightenment and achieve the Avatar state, Korra’s arc seems to be more about how she needs to draw the connection of body and spirit. And now, it seems that by the description of this footage, I speculate that we are going to learn about how the Avatar came to be. This really excites me, because now the writers are going to expand on this already expansive rich and detailed universe they set up. So this footage description is getting me really Hyped!

So fellow OOUies, are you excited to see the newest Korra? What kind of bender would you want to be? (I would like to be a fact bender, just so I can win arguments all the time… or I could just lie) Whatever it is, comment below and let One of Us know!

Via Entertainment Weekly

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