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The Die Cast: Ghost Stories, or “Screw You, Wu-Feng!”

Four traveling Taoist monks stop in a seemingly ordinary Chinese village, only to discover that all Hell has literally broken loose. The evil demon lord Wu-Feng has gone and resurrected himself and his army of the undead are heading your way. Naturally, it’s up to you to stop the ghostly invasion and defeat Wu-Feng before he conquers the world. For these four monks (and the people playing them), it’s going to be a long, long night.

Ghost Stories Box

You think you know co-op games? You haven’t seen anything yet unless you’ve experienced Ghost Stories, the most brutal, punishing and shockingly easy to play game out there right now. It’s general simplicity masks an engine that’s designed to force you and your team to work together like a finely tuned machine. If you don’t stick together, you die. Hell, you’ll still probably die. This game hates you and wants you to lose.

In today’s episode of the Die Cast, I’m joined by Daniel Kalbacher, Toni Taylor-Salisbury and Tyler Mager as we suffer and struggle and scream through a game of Ghost Stories. Turn those lights down low, grab you bag of exorcism accessories and listen up. The future of the human world is at stake.

Ghost Stories Board

The foulest board is here prepared


Gloomy Minion Card

Where creatures thrive for a thousand years


Haunter Token2

And haunting ghouls from out the tomb…


Group Shot

…are closing in to seal THEIR doom!



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