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‘Star Wars Rebels’ details and villain revealed

I haven’t watched much of the animated Clone Wars series, but I have gotten more into the show in the later seasons, especially with the (spoiler) return of Darth Maul and the darker tone it has adopted. Many were disappointed with the news of Disney’s decision to cancel the show, but the blow was softened with the announcement of a brand new animated series set between Episode III and IV, entitled Star Wars: Rebels

This week, we had some new content drop for the show. Primarily set on a planet called Lothal, the show will be set fourteen years after episode III and will feature an Empire that, at this point, especially in the inner system is generally favoured as a welcome change bringing peace and stability. This hope begins to unravel as the Empire begins to expand and tighten its grip, beginning with Lothal. A very short teaser trailer was released;

Along with this, we had the bigger reveal of the main protagonist of the show – The Inquisitor.


An “Intimidating” figure dressed in an all black, almost shadow trooper outfit. Described as someone who is hired by Darth Vader “to hunt down the remaining Jedi Knights”, The Inquisitor is a character who has been hidden up until now. You can watch his reveal in this video interview with producer Dave Filoni.

For me, the character seems like a cross between Tion Medon and Grand Admiral Thrawn. I also note that although the reveal doesn’t describe him as a Sith, or someone prevalent in the Force yet, just like Darth Maul he clearly wields a double sided lightsabre. This could be an exciting product, my only worry is the fact that it is being produced for the Disney XD channel.

Source: USA Today

Are you excited for Rebels? Do you think it can capture the success of the original trilogy or should it remain in the Sarlacc pit? Comment below.

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