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‘Sherlock’ Is Such a Tease!: January 19th Premiere Date Set

Grab your magnifying glasses and nicotine patches, because Sherlock is coming back to town! It has been some time after it’s temporary suspension back in January of 2012 due to schedule conflicts, that being Benedict Cabbage Patch in Star Trek, Martin Freeman in The Hobbit, and Steven Moffat running Doctor Who. After all the great work they have done individually, it’s exciting to see the Three Musketeers re-unite! The teaser trailer gives me so much hype:

Now, it seems that the premiere is set for January 19th of 2014, as reported by the L.A. Times. They also gave us a hint of what to expect from this coming season:

“The new season will introduce Mary Morstan, Watson’s future wife, played by Freeman’s real-life partner Amanda Abbington. Footage shown during the Comic-Con presentation revealed a glimpse of the wedding, as well as a humorous and heartfelt conversation in which Watson asks Holmes to be his best man.”

Indeed my friends. It looks like this season will be focused more on the emotional core of the series, at least for the first episode. They will of course show us the cleverness and the excitement of what the writers want to offer, but I wouldn’t mind a nice and calm episode, trying to humanize a person who seems  to understand almost nothing except logic. Steven Moffat mentioned at comic-con that this episode contains one of his favorite moment of the show, which is when Sherlock reunited with Watson, stating:

“I think that’s the showstopper,” he said. “It’s a long, complicated, emotional journey, and extremely funny.”

If the episode itself was just him dealing with this major change in the dynamic relationship of Sherlock and Watson, I would be completely satisfied, and then kick my ass with the clever detective stuff in episode two. The reason I say this, is because this series is the definitive Sherlock series, in terms of bringing it to modern audiences. The Robert Downey Jr. Sherlock was really entertaining, but they focused too much on the action, which isn’t really what Sherlock is. Sure, there were some Sherlockian type stuff in there, but when it boils down to Sherlock chasing Mark Strong on a bridge trying to diffuse a steam punk bomb activated via makeshift remote control, it does get a bit ridiculous. So when they do the big reveal at the end with the whole “Ah ha! Let me explain to you how I discovered your entire plan after doing this crazy spiritual ritual, and show you things that the audience would never picked up on because we never gave you the proper clues,” I thought to myself “Yeah okay, it’s cool that you figured everything out and all, I just wish I was right there with you. How were we supposed to know that when you licked the cemetery tombstone, which is gross by the way, that you tasted an adhesive, if you didn’t tell us about it till the very end?”

This is why this series thrives. When we see Sherlock analyze things, those cool little super imposed texts appear, and we see how his mind works. Granted, some of the deductions get almost to a superhuman or clairvoyant level, but the show never breaks reality completely, and remains very much within reason. This way, I am able to see the clues that he picks up on, as well as giving me an explanation as to why they are clues, without trying to over simplify it and talk down to me. The series really has faith in the intellect of its viewers, and never tries to be smarter than it’s audience. So you can bet your ASS that I am excited for the return of the world’s greatest detective! Sherlock was a Velociraptor, he would indeed be a clever girl.

So OOUies, are you excited for the return? Which do you like better, RDJ or Benny Cucumber, as Sherlock? Whatever it is, comment below and let one of us know!

Via L.A. Times.