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Quoth the Re-Animators, ‘Nevermore’! Horror Legends Seek to Kickstart Poe Film

“Director!” said I, “thing of evil!- Director still, if auteur or devil!– Whether passion sent, or Whether passion tossed thy film ashore, Desolate yet all macabre, on this movie horror genre — On this film of Horror genre — tell me truly, I implore — Is there — is there a Poe film to be had? — tell me— tell me, I implore”

Quoth Stuart Gordon “Nevermore.”

spOOUkie members, how are you on this night of harrow? Doing very creepy I assume? Well, I hope you’re not creeping, because that lovely Russian-speaking girl named Natasha hates it when you do that at work, and starts saying things like, “I’m gonna call the police!” Sorry fellas, even though you really love Michael Myers, that doesn’t mean that the ladies do as well (speaking from experience). Maybe try a good pick up line!

Anyways, if you haven’t known already, it seems that horror film veterans Stuart Gordon, Jeffrey Combs, and Dennis Paoli are going to try their hand at tackling a serious Edgar Allen Poe movie, entitled Nevermore. They are currently trying to raise some funds on it via Kickstarter, and their goal is $375,000. Currently, their efforts have raised a total of $61,360, and they have 10 days left to hit their goal. They released a video in where they discuss what it is they are trying to accomplish. So let us put on our surgeon gloves, and let’s figure out the Grey’s Anatomy of this trailer. And (Quoth the Joker) Here. We. Go!:

So after watching this video… all I could say is FOREVERMORE! GIVE US FOREVERMORE I IMPLORE! Seriously, this looks like it has the potential to be nothing short of phenomenal. At first, I was skeptical, because one, I’m still groaning from that last Edgar Allen Poe film The Raven. Yeah, it was cool I guess, but it is honestly a film we did not need. So when I heard that the director of the cult hit The Re-Animator wanted to make a Poe film, I honestly was just confused. Now, I haven’t seen The Re-Animator, but I was told…

Hold on, I’m getting a call from Mr. Salisbury. *Yes*. *Mhm*. *Okay, thank you Master Salisbury*. Well folks, it seems that I have to strap myself on this table that is lying under a blade that swings like a pendulum as punishment for not seeing this film (Interns aren’t allowed out of the basement for movie night).

Anyways, I was told that the movie was bat-shit crazy, involving a severed head performing oral sex. Now THOSE people want to make a film about Poe? I didn’t know what to make of it. However, when I did some research, apparently that was adapted from an H.P. Lovecraft story. I’m no literature geek, but I know enough that stories of the Lovecraftian nature, deal with people whose minds can not comprehend staring in to the void of the unexplainable. So based on that, and also the fact that they have already done an adaption of one of Poe’s poems, The Pit in the Pendulum, it looks like these guys are really passionate and understand the craft of good literature, Edgar Allen Poe included.

What also makes me excited, is that Nevermore is actually adapted from the stage play done by the same duo of Combs and Gordon. The press has really been praising it, calling it a masterpiece and saying that Combs performance of Eddie Poe is nothing short of astonishing.  They say that his performance is the definitive portrayal of our favorite poet. The little taste he gave us in that video was both hilarious and deserved an Oscar nomination.

In the video, when they were talking about how Poe’s stories and poems were essentially him writing a metaphorical representation of his personal experiences and feelings of fear, you really believe that the people wanting to make this film have such a huge passion for the guy. Especially when you hear them say they want to make a REAL Edgar Allen Poe movie. So while they are talking about it, it seems like their goal is to basically reverse engineer the work of Mr. Poe. By that, I mean they want a film about the actual life of the Poet, but dramatize it and add in a cinematic manifestation of the metaphors Edgar presents in his literature. So if that is the case, then I am 100% there. It is indeed time for us have a truly poetic film about a poet. One that is made by unpretentious people that have a passion for having fun, making film, and loving the craft that goes in to great literature.  So I just shove my money in the floppy disk drive right? Is that how the internet works?

So fellow spookie OOUies, what do you think about this project? Are you excited about the movie? Will you throw down for a Poe down? Whatever it is, comment below and Let One of Us know!

Via Kickstarter