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‘Nymphomaniac’ Delivers 14 Different O-Faces In Poster Form

Remember a little while back when Shia LeBouf was getting all hot and bothered about the possibility of filming real sex scenes in Nymphomaniac? Well, regardless of rather or not that actually happens in the film at least now you can take a gander at what LeBouf’s o-face looks like in just 1 of 14 different character posters for the film.

Of the slew of “orgasmic” posters you will also see that ultimate peak of joy from actors/actresses like Charlotte Gainsbourg, Willem Dafoe, Stellan Skarsgard, Christian Slater, Uma Thurman, Jaimie Bell and plenty more. The title kind of speaks for itself and accompanied with these posters I’d say it’s pretty obvious what you might be able to expect from Lars Von Trier’s film when it comes out. Let’s just hope we don’t have to enter the theater in a creepy brown trench-coat, pitch black sunglasses and a wig so as not to risk anyone making direct eye contact and getting recognized.

Some of the posters I suppose you could describe as sexy, others range from comedic to just plain odd. The only odd man out is LeBouf who I suppose is making a face, but really all he’s doing is smoking a cigarette- post coital no doubt, but how come he doesn’t have to look as exposed as the rest. Oh well, the posters to serve their purpose as a tease for any audience willing to sit through a Lars Von Trier movie, so mission accomplished I guess.

willemdafoe_nymphomaniac charlottegainbourg_nymphomaniac christianslater_nymphomaniac connienielsen_nymphomaniac jaimiebell_nymphomaniac jensalbinus_nymphomaniac miagoth_nymphomaniac nicolasbro_nymphomaniac shialabeouf_nymphomaniac sophieclark_nymphomaniac stacymartin_nymphomaniac stellanskarsgard_nymphomaniac udokier_nymphomaniac umathurman_nymphomaniac

What do you think of these fleshy posters? Which one is your favorite? Are you excited for Nymphomaniac? Comment Below!

Via: /Film

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