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Nicolas Cage, Avril Lavigne, & Booboo Stewart win surprising Huading Awards

There are many things I don’t understand about China; communism, animal penises being used in medicine, and now Nicolas Cage being given the Best Global Actor award. China’s Huading Awards selected several surprising recipients. Nicole Kidman won the Best Global Actress award. Best Global Singer went to Avril Lavigne. Booboo Stewart of Twilight fame was awarded Best Emerging Global Talent. Michelle Dockery and Matthew Perry received Best Global TV Actress and Best Global TV Actor. Best Global Director went to Quentin Tarantino. Well known Korean pop group Girls Generation won Best Global Idol Group, and Sharon Savoy won Best Global Female Dancer. Jeremy Irons received the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Each of the stars praised Chinese films and thanked the people for being given the honors of these awards. The Huading Awards is a lesser known presentation ceremony. It was established in 2007 by Global Talents Media Group. The awards are held several times throughout the year to honor achievements in the entertainment and sports fields. The Huading Awards are odd in that some of the awards are voted for by judges and others are voted for by fans.

While each of the winners have their own talents I must say there are many other actors, actresses, singers, and dancers I think would have been more deserving. Still when it’s all said and done this shows how different the entertainment industry is over there. In America Nicolas Cage is often laughed at for his crazy antics on screen we view him more as a B-list actor then anything else. In China however he won Best Global Actor. I believe it shows that there are different things valued in the Huading Awards. I would honestly like to see how they come to pick who wins the awards not because I think the winners are undeserving, but due to the fact I want to see what makes them the best in the eye of the awards committee and the fans.

To me the least surprising winner is Girls Generation. The group is huge over in Asia and has even garnered quiet a following in the states as well. The most surprising winners to me wasn’t Nicolas Cage but instead Avril Lavigne and Booboo Stewart. Avril Lavigne has lost popularity greatly since her first album so to hear she is big enough in China to have won Best Global Singer was jaw dropping. With Booboo Stewart it was more the fact that he hasn’t been in that much and what he has been in he hasn’t really been given much to do or say. Still I feel the need to keep an eye on him now since I’m wondering if the Chinese have seen something in him that I haven’t.

What are your thoughts on the winners? Do you think they deserved to win? Why or why not? If you don’t think they deserved to win who would you give the awards to instead?

Source: JustJaredJr, HuffingtonPost

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