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Netflix Getting Deeper Into The Movie Biz And Possibly Sports?

Having been a “mostly” happy Netflix customer for several years I still have to say I want to see the company continue doing some new and exciting things. I still have yet to catch up to some of their original series like House of Cards for example, but I did watch the entirety of Orange is the New Black and actually enjoyed the hell out of it. That is why I’m kind of excited to see some news come out that the company is looking into some different directions in the future.

I wouldn’t say their work in the original TV series department is perfect just yet, because I think there’s still some work to be done- Hemlock Grove was kind of atrocious- but news is that Netflix is looking at getting into movie production. Granted initially it looks as though they are looking mostly at backing documentaries, but are keeping an open mind for other genres. Netflix’s involvement would bring titles to our screens much quicker than the current set up and would bypass having to wait for the title to be available for home video purchase before having it available for customers to stream or add to their ‘My List’ for more convenient viewing.

Another interesting note- one that I didn’t even know at the time was a rumor- Netflix was at one time in talks to possibly allow the streaming of NFL games on the service, but that rumor has since been snuffed out. I spend a whole lot of time on Netflix, which tends to cut down on my sports viewing, so in the future if that ever became a possibility I would actually be pretty excited about it. I’m not a huge football nut to begin with, but more often than not the games I want to watch are not offered in my area on cable, so it is quite possible that if the teams I want to watch were readily available through a system like Netflix my fandom might indeed increase considerably. Alas, the time is not yet night and we’ll have to settle for seeing “A Netflix Production” in the opening credits of our movies in the near future.

What kind of programming would you like to see from Netflix? How might this initiative impact our viewing habits and the television market? Let us know what you think in the comments!

Via: Deadline