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Man Attacks Director Michael Bay On The Set Of TF4

Every once and awhile in this life, you come across a phrase or sentence you never thought anyone would have to say (or in this case type). Today is such a day for me as I relay the following to you: some guy in Hong Kong attacked Michael Bay on set of  Transformers: Age Of Extinction with an air conditioning unit.

Sounds like I’m joking. I should be joking.

I’m not joking.

Early reports on this incident had stated that Bay had been attacked by two brothers, but this information proved to be false and Paramount was quick to clear things up and offer an official story. Bay’s assailant (described as probably on drugs), who had already been a nuisance to a handful of crew members earlier that day rushed onto the set and swung the air conditioner (odd weapon choice, but you work with what you have at hand) directly at the director’s head. Bay was able grab the unit and wrestle it away from his attacker at which point set security stepped in took control of the situation. When the police arrived they also had to tussle with the man as well as two other people with him and all three individuals were in the end arrested.

One has to wonder what was going through that guy’s head. Perhaps in his altered state he thought the air conditioner was a little Autobot and he and Breezy (had to name the little guy something, didn’t I?) just wanted to go over and give pointers to Mr. Bay on making the film better. Just like they say at the end of the Tootsie Pop commercial, “The world may never know.”

So what do you think of all this foolishness? Let us know in the comments below.

Via Empire