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Jett Lucas reveals Lucas’ involvement in new Star Wars Trilogy

There was a great deal of different emotions when Disney acquired LucasFilm and a new trilogy of Star Wars movies was announced. People were shocked, angered, worried and excited all within the same, very vocal breath. The fact that the future of the franchise was no longer George Lucas’ baby was a relief for most.

Now, the prequels aren’t great and Lucas very much got carried away with CGI and nostalgia. But, I do find there are things to like in Episode One and even more so in Episode Two and Three (there is, honestly!). More importantly, Lucas has had an undeniable influence on film making and technology as a whole ushering in the age of digital effects with ILM and even single handedly making digital film making a possibility within Hollywood and the mainstream. When the multi-billion dollar deal was closed with Disney, it was unclear what role Lucas had and would have in carving out the future of Star Wars and how long the process had begun before the deal happened. In a video interview with flicksandthecity, George’s son Jett Lucas has revealed that it is more than we probably expected. In the interview, he explains;

“We knew probably a year prior (to the purchase) he had started writing and king of researching, starting his whole little process,” Lucas said about his father. “About half way through that process was when the idea of selling to Disney came up…It’s nice because he’s happiest when he’s writing and doing something with his time.”

Admitting he already knows what is going to happen, Jett also revealed that Lucas (understandably) found it very difficult to begin the process of working on the film and then let it go and has subsequently been talking to J.J. Abrams frequently.

The fact that George, or anyone would have a hard time letting go of the Franchise and the creative control is entirely understandable and a piece of me is glad that he is still seemingly very close to the production BUT someone else is driving everything forward.

You can check out the entire interview right now below.

Do you think George should back off entirely or are you glad he still has a say? Comment below and be kind to the man!


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