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Interview: ‘Looper’s Noah Segan Urges You To Be Your Own Asshole!

One year ago, I was sitting in the lobby of The Four Seasons hotel waiting to interview Looper director Rian Johnson during Fantastic Fest. While prepping, I struck up a conversation with a very energetic, intelligent young man who, after a few minutes, I recognized as actor Noah Segan. I had just seen Noah as Kid Blue in Looper, and here he was in Austin; having flown down on his own dime and staying with friends for no other reason than to support the film and his friend Rian.

I was blown away by his drive, his passion, and the how remarkably similar our experiences were. We were, and remain, two people trying to succeed at being professional creatives. The challenges we faced and the behind-the-scenes skills our respective ventures required were far more alike than I could have ever imagined. On a whim, I fired up the tape recorder and what resulted was probably the best interview I have ever done.

You can read that interview right here.

Noah DebatesNow, one year later, Noah returns to Fantastic Fest, not to promote a film, but to be a juror and to participate in the Fantastic Debates. Again, it’s his passion that directed him to Austin, and what found our paths crossing yet again. It seemed only fitting to fire up the tape recorder again for a follow-up. How had Noah’s situation changed? Did he still feel that drive and hunger for success?

Noah, once again, proved to be an amazing interviewee. He provided two invaluable pieces of advice:

“There is no us vs. them…there is only us.” –Seems pretty fitting for this website, no?
“Be your own asshole.”–When you hear the context for this, you will fist-pump, no seriously, fist-pumping will occur.

Click the above player to listen to our chat. I am really hoping this becomes a regular series.

Moreover, sound off in the comment section! Are you a professional trying to survive in a creative field? Did Noah’s words inspire you? What are your own challenges and tactics for overcoming them?

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