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Instagram Horror makes makes big impact

Instagram isn’t something I can’t profess to using, though I understand the instant appeal of it. When it introduced the option of recording fifteen seconds of video, similar to Twitter’s Vine, again, I didn’t pay much attention to it.

Tim Buel is a guy who did pay attention and what’s more, saw the creative potential in it and his experimentation in creating a series of horror shorts using Instagram has shown that it isn’t wise as a film maker or any kind of creative to dismiss these new offerings so lightly.

Since the release of his video right here on OneOfUs, Tim’s creative endeavour has reached who were just as impressed with the video as I was. On the project, they said;

It’s a neat idea, much in the way people have been experimenting with Vine’s 6-second limit, and we’re definitely interested in more. The question becomes — what should Buel and company tackle next?

I’m just as curious as to what Tim and company will do next, and I’m sure you’ll be able to find out right here on OneOfUs.

Source: Blastr