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Inside the Locker: Monday Night Football Commentary!

Are you ready for some football? And by that I of course mean, are you ready to join a bunch of sports nerds for some football?

Tonight, the guys from Inside the Locker will bring you a live commentary for the Monday Night Football showdown between The San Diego Chargers and the Indianapolis Colts. The game will be broadcast on ESPN and we’ll begin our broadcast around 7pm central.

The guys have reached out to two of their friends to join them on the show: Tyler (an Indiana native and die-hard Colts fan) & Andrew (originally from San Diego and a man who regularly and proudly sings the Super Charger theme song). We’re gonna see what happens when we cram these two in a room to commentate from opposite sides of the fan line.

In addition we’ll be perusing the recent sports headlines, playing The Crossover, updating you on the ITL Fantasy Football situation, and updating the Pensieve. We will also discuss some of our favorite geek rivalries during the commentary.

It’s Kirk vs. Picard, Batman vs. Superman, Kramer vs. Kramer…all wrapped up in Colts vs. Chargers.

Tune in!