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Infestation: Last Round of Fantastic Fest Reviews

As Fantastic Fest wound to a close, amidst the sea of discarded beer bottles and empty Visine containers, Brian and Chris sat down for an extended review session to discuss what wowed them since they last drunkenly discussed the movies they’d seen.

The guys (including a special appearance by Luke Mullen) chat about such gems as Ti West’s The Sacrament, Michel Gondry’s Mood Indigo, Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity, Stephen Chow’s Journey to the West, Blue Ruin, Metallica: Through the Never, & Why Don’t You Play in Hell.

They also discuss the madness of The Fantastic Feud, Elijah Wood mocking himself alongside Master Pancake, breakfast-cereal-flavored popsicles, and sacrificing their voices to Karaoke-pocalypse.

Give it a listen!