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Disney’s ‘Frozen’ Trailer looks pretty…. Dare I say it?

Hello my lovelies.  I am here to tell you that I have just seen the trailer for Disney’s Frozen. And (uhh… hold on, there’s a joke here. I know there is. I’ll find it while I’m typing) the trailer reminds me of a specific temperature. I don’t know what that temperature is, but I bet you do eh? Oh yes, that’s right. HOT! In that it looks pretty sexy. I’ll get to why in a bit. Meanwhile, let me direct your attention to figure 1. a (Yeah I just wrote an essay for college, I have to speak all academic and junk for this one):

Empty Space

Is it that time again already? Do we have to talk about yet another watered down Disney animated film they just slapped together to throw out there? THIS IS NOT TOY STORY OR THE INCREDIBLES SO WHY SHOULD I CARE?!

Now now, cool your horses cowboy. Let’s actually focus in on the trailer, and if you do, there may be some worthy things to take in to consideration, that ACTUALLY hints that this might be pretty cool. (Ha! You thought I was gonna say that earlier. En Garde!)

The first thing to take note is that the trailer seems to summarize its first act in the first 30 seconds, and what we see is a woman who has a problem. Everything she touches gets Frozen. This seems like it’s going to be the driving force of the film, because the story here is a woman who feels so cold and alone, and desires to feel the warmth of others. However, because she is seen as a sorceress, she has been shunned from the kingdom that once hailed her as a ruler. Yeah sure, the concept of a ruler desperately wanting to feel ‘real’ companionship and love isn’t necessarily reinventing the wheel, but the way it was presented in the trailer looked like they were taking it pretty seriously.

The animation style really reminded me of Tangled. When I first saw that film, the animation style although felt a little generic, there was a subtle distinctiveness about it that I could not put my finger on. So when it was revealed that it was from the creators of Tangled, I was not surprised. This trailer feels like it was saying ‘Tangled was more of the testing grounds of our style, and now we are letting it all hang out.’ The animation this time around still feels familiar, but you can tell they put some serious effort in expanding their craft.

When we get in to the meat of the trailer, that essentially goes in to the core of the story, which is the quest for the protagonist’s sister. This is where we get the shenanigans and animated farce we come to expect. When they presented the character of Olaf, the little goofy snowman, it felt a little reminiscent of what we saw in Shrek‘s Donkey played by Eddie Murphy. Although, he seems a lot more calm and actually funnier. The humor over all seems pretty kid safe, and that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad thing. Now, there is one thing they say in the trailer that seriously made me flip my shit. This is the point where I drop all formal analysis and just go on a rant. In the trailer there is a claim they make. That claim is, and I quote:

“Experience the greatest Disney animated event… Since The Lion King”

THE HELL YOU SAY?! Okay so, The Lion King is something that my generation of people hold really close to heart. The film is a fucking classic, and every song in that movie I still get stuck in my head 19 years after it had come out. There has been a Broadway production, that I have seen, that has captured EXACTLY the magic of what my inner child wanted all of life to be, before I became a cynical ‘adult’ (adult being in air quotes). The Lion King is of COLOSSAL IMPORTANCE to a lot of children that were raised in the 90’s, so much so that it has become a cultural phenomenon. So if the creators of Frozen, have even the slightest inkling as to what The Lion King is, they have some serious fucking BAWLZ to say such blasphemous words! I don’t think they can even… COMPREHEND!… the GRAVITY of saying some crazy shit like that! They have the AUDACITY to compare themselves to a substantial phenomenon in the history of ALL animated films, that most people still don’t understand why it happened. Merriam Webster himself would like at the sentence “Experience the greatest Disney animated event since The Lion King,” and he would spiral down the abyss of insanity, because he could not even ffffathom the possibility that those words could exist in the same sentence given their definitions. So if you’re going to make such a bold claim… you better live up to it.

So OOUies, what do you think of the trailer? Do you think it kicks some serious ice? Comment below, let One of Us know!

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