Digital Noise Episode the 13th: Halloween Comes Early


Halloween begins early on this week’s Digital Noise as we cover a solid collection of great (and some not-so-great) horror home releases of classics like Prince of Darkness, Halloween and the Psycho series. Even TV isn’t left out of the act as the boys rant and rave about their love for Hannibal. Add in a ton of new Dr Who, Iron Man 3, and a smorgasbord of other titles, and you’ve got an action-packed episode of your favorite home release show!

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Iron Man 3 Blu-ray Review   The East Blu-ray Review   Scenic Route Blu-ray Review

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Halloween 35th Anniversary Blu-ray Review   Kings of Summer Blu-ray Review   Room 237 Blu-ray Review

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I Spit On Your Grave 2 Blu-ray Review   Prince of Darkness Blu-ray Review   Haunting of Helena DVD Review

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Psycho II Blu-ray Review   Psycho III Blu-ray Review   Hannibal S1 Blu-ray Review

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Dr Who S7 Blu-ray Review   Dr Who Ice Warriors DVD Review   Dr Who Scream Shalka DVD Review

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South Park S16 Blu-ray Review   Grimm S2 Blu-ray Review   The We and The I DVD Review


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4,341 thoughts on “Digital Noise Episode the 13th: Halloween Comes Early”

  1. Michael-Orian Bockus

    I guess you guys think C. Robert Cargill is a drepraved sociopath since he loved the ‘I Spit on Your Grave’ remake.

  2. not trying to be a grammar Nazi considering i am Scottish my last name is pronounced math-i-son the e is silent and how did you know of my bond villian status and yes i do live in a high peninsula it has a nice view of the Yemen now if you exuse me i must go throw Mr.Bond in the shark tank with lazer bullfrogs why not a bullfrog tank for the lazer bullfrog because those are small and Mr.Bond is not that small

  3. The craft services story was actually Patton Oswalt at the Batman Begins premier and it was Brian Dennhey saying, “Character actors. Who the fuck cares if we’re fat?” It’s one of my favorite bits from him.

  4. Questions for Chris: I just watched “42nd Street Forever Vol.5: The Alamo Drafthouse Edition”. Great fun. There’s a 30-minute documentary about the Drafthouse with it, and there’s a patron being interviewed who sounds a whole like Cat from the LEOG (talking about a night where they showed “The Texas Chain Saw Massacre” and the owner was chasing someone through the aisle with a toy chainsaw)… Have you seen it, is it her, and does anyone else that you know pop up in that video?

  5. The best way to contain the ultimate evil is in an isolated cabin in the New Hampshire woods. Provide plenty of food and a nice wood burning stove. To make it seem cozy, include some furniture and a stuffed deer head. Make sure this evil stays by not guaranteeing safety beyond the area around the cabin. If you want to add torture and hopelessness, throw in a cancer-ridden meth-making kingpin. This is truly the only way to contain DVD copies of Mr. Margorium’s Wonder Emporium.

  6. For Prince of Darkness giveaway

    The ultimate evil is in Sun Studio in Memphis Tennessee. The
    studio is the protected area, so the evil will never be found. It is stored in
    special sound proof room, so no one can hear the blood curling sounds of evil.
    As you enter the room you will see an unmoving figure at the end of the room.
    Every step you take towards the figure the sounds grow stronger you cannot make
    them out, but you know it’s the voice of evil. Your ears start to bleed and you
    feel the oxygen living the room. You feel like you are never going to make it
    to the end, but you must so you can know evil. Suddenly the sounds stop you can
    breathe again and you look to see an astronaut suit standing before you. You
    start to examine the suit you see in the reflective helmet a faint light start
    to appear. You start to look deeper in the helmet to make out the image. Music
    starts to play, the image is becoming clearer. You try to look away but your
    eyes fail you. The image is almost there, you are shaking with fear and you
    want to run. The image is finally there you can see it so clearly, you see the
    image of evil and you are driven mad by it. You run screaming from the room to
    tell the world, but it is to late the evil has been release. There is no stopping
    this evil it will change the world to its image. The image of evil is of Miley
    Cyrus twerking for the VMA’s. We are all doomed.

  7. I was completely forgiving of every little thing about Iron Man 3 except the end of the final fight. At that point it completely lost me. I’ll remain spoiler free, but the end of it was a “wtf really?!?!?!” moment.

  8. Just to let you guys know, Shane Black, the director of Iron Man 3, was Hawkins in Predator. He was the guy that dies first.

  9. Jean-François Martel

    I saw Halloween the first time maybe 3 or 4 years ago and i adore it personally but i am a horror fan so i could be biased.

  10. Michael-Orian Bockus

    Just to add… Dan Fogler was actually pretty darn good has Franklin in ‘Hannibal’ as well.

  11. For the Prince of Darkness giveaway: The devil is contained in an egg and the manifestation of evil is a giant rooster pursuing the protagonists throughout the movie.

  12. Chris, the locked away Psycho movie you refer to in the podcast, I think it’s the 1987 failed pilot Bates Motel. Instead of being a prequel, this show was a sequel to the original Psycho (it ignored Psycho 2 and 3,) and starred Bud Cort as a fellow who inherits the Bates motel from Norman Bates, after he dies in a mental institution, and tries to make a go at running the motel, with plucky sidekick Lori Petty. Supernatural happenings would occur as stories would vacillate between Bud Cort’s adventures in motel management and the ghosts the various guests would encounter. I remember seeing it WAY back when it aired and it was god awful.

    But don’t just take my word for it. It’s on youtube. Endure it… if you dare!

  13. For the Prince of Darkness- I would keep the creature in a companion cube (from the portal games) as it is kept in suspension of gravity protected by the Giant bolder form Indiana Jones movie(Raiders of the Lost Ark). Inside would be Mr. Pennyworth, cause nothing is more evil than him.

    For Psycho 2,

    The Birds 2, After the first incident with the the Birds and Militarily Group comes in to study the birds and try to weaponize them form America to use against its enemy. The Little Girl that survived the first one (played now by Megan Fox) tries to tell them that they will just cause another attack on humans to happen and that your can’t control nature. The General in charge of the research (played by Bruce Willis) ignores her and continues the study. A handsome scientist though wants to hear her reason why she know this will happen (Played by James Franco). The girl tells them that her pet bird that is still alive can communicate with her. Is the girl right, can american weaponize the birds. Who is that fat man in the background. Go see Birds 2.

  14. -The ultimate evil is CG and it’s containment system is George Lucas’ ass.

    -Most inappropriate sequel to a Hitchcock film would be the 1984 follow up to Rear Window.

    ‘Front Windscreen: Blades of Death’, directed by John Carpenter. Cheap slasher knock off with Tom Atkins playing ‘Jeff’. Barbara Crampton as ‘Lisa’. Jeff sees visions of road deaths in passing cars, but is powerless to stop them. Can’t cell phone for help cos it’s 84…

    In a twist ending it turns out jeff is a psychopath and has indeed killed all the other motorists using ingenius modifications to his own car (i.e. wiper blades that are razors).

    The events depicted in Rear Window drove (excuse the pun) him mad.

  15. Stop me if this sounds dark, I wrote an essay as a young lad; that the ultimate evil is humanity, and that this planet is our “containment system” but also a chance to better ourselves. Sadly we are failing, turning our evil against ourselves, which maybe better then against the rest of existence out there. In the end, once the planet dies, humanity’s evil goes with it. Hmmm, even as a kid I was really cynical.

  16. And the winners are: hgs1347 (Prince of Darkness) & GeorgiePorgie (Psycho II). Please send your addresses to so we may send you your prize!

    Thanks to all who participated this week!

  17. My ultimate form of evil is this dastardly evil dog that my neighbors have. Which has known me since I was a child and sees me on a regular basis. Owned by a wonderful nice old lady this dog is dead set on destruction. Howls and barks all night and snarls at me during the day, even biting me at a certain point. I have always feared that dog and the times it has escaped that old lady and she has asked me to find it have haunted me. I would throw this sucker in a copy Waynes World for the SNES because the game is so bad that nobody would play it but old and retro enough that nobody would throw it away.

  18. You have reviewed South Park twice (once on the last show) and both times I just expect you guys to trash it, because the show has just gotten so terrible. They have always been about making a point, but they don’t even make jokes anymore, they just state the obvious. Thehumancentipad? one of the worst episodes of the show. That cat episode? That zipline episode? God it’s gotten so stale and just lazy.

    Not saying you guys are dumb, it’s your opinion, I respect that. Shows just been disappointing me.

  19. For
    Prince of Darkness, I would personally like to have the ultimate evil
    represented as marketing executive forever trapped in a meeting with
    Quentin Tarantino and Guillermo del Toro as they rattle off every
    project they want to be attached to and, have
    the executive have to come up with an entire campaign for every movie
    (down to TV Spots and Mini-Games for the viral marketing). The only way
    for the marketing executive can be released from this prison is for one
    of the directors to make up their mind to actually go through with the
    project and never once delay it. If production is delayed in any way,
    the evil will be still locked in this prison.

  20. The first thing I did after I finished Hannibal was draw a clock and ask my friends what they saw. A sanity check.

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