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Digital Noise Episode 16: War of the Monsters

We died. It’s true. Brutal Brian Salisbury and ‘Capable of Anything’ Chris Cox are dead. It was a horrible tale of woe, betrayal, and fiendish murder. It’s…it’s too hard to go on….too horrible…

But even that ol’ Grim Reaper can’t stop them from bringing you the latest episode of Digital Noise (luckily, he’s a fan).

This week there’s a special (trick or) treat as Mouldering Matt Frank joins us to talk excitedly from beyond the grave about the home release of Pacific Rim.

But of course, that’s not all. As you know, evil never dies…

Which is why we take a look at everything from classic Rom-Coms (Love Actually, Notting Hill) to westerns (High Plains Drifter); from grisly horror (Maniac) to poetic horror (Eyes Without a Face). Even TV gets some attention with The Untold History of the United States, In the Flesh and Defiance.

There’s something for everyone this week on the show. Well, except for Chris and Brian. They now hang in the realm between life and death, trapped forever motionless, forced to do nothing but watch home releases….so, basically, nothing’s really changed.

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(Apologies for the lack of time codes, to be updated soon)

Pacific Rim   Defiance Season 1   The Heat

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Jumper 3D   Maniac   Notting Hill

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Love Actually   The Stranger   High Plains Drifter

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The Colony   Eyes Without a Face   In The Flesh

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Untold History of the United States   Fantastic Voyage   Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

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Drug War   Resolution <–GIVEAWAY



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