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Dan Harmon Continues to Throw Bile At Community Season 4

Even though Community creator Dan Harmon is back in the showrunner’s chair, the man can’t help but voice his displeasure at the season he wasn’t involved in.

On the popular social news and entertainment site Reddit’s subreddit “Unpopular Opinions About the “Unpopular Opinions About Community“, Harmon took offense to the claim that the problems involved in season 4 started in season 3. Harmon went so far as to compare (in an admittedly joking fashion) season 4 to serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer.

“Saying season 3 sucked so bad that it made season 4 suck is like feeding my brother to Jeffrey Dahmer,” said Harmon. “I have no idea if he deserves it, it doesn’t matter if he does, it bums me out, there’s nothing I can do, but definitely no need to argue about it.”

Harmon has been no stranger to expressing his hatred of the NBC comedy’s fourth season, having previously equated watching the season to “flipping through Instagrams and watching your girlfriend just blow a million .” I’ve always been a fan of Community. Ever since the series’ pilot aired back in 2009, I’ve consistently watched and on the whole been in love with the misadventures of Jeff, Britta, Troy, Abed, Annie, Shirley, Dean Pelton and even Pierce. I’ll agree that Season 4 is the weakest of the seasons and has some of the series’ worst episodes (‘Economics of Marine Biology’ and ‘Advanced Introduction to Finality’ being two of the bigger examples), but there were plenty of strong episodes that made Harmon’s bile seem unwarranted.

Then again, Harmon’s comments aren’t all that surprising in terms of how harsh they are. I don’t even need to go into the comments he made against the show’s former co-star Chevy Chase, which were part of what lead to Harmon’s initial firing and were obviously uncalled for no matter how much of a jerk Chase was. Plus, Harmon’s always been quite vocal about dissecting the good and bad qualities of his show, even when he was running it. I still remember the audio commentary for the third season’s Christmas special ‘Regional Holiday Music,’ where Harmon nearly breaks down over the fact that one of the musical numbers was slightly out of sync as the cast tried to calm him. If he’s willing to overreact about a detail that small, it’s not out of the question that he may be exaggerating how supposedly awful the series’ fourth season was. Either way, I’m still glad that Dan Harmon is back and can’t wait to see what the upcoming fifth season will bring.

Do you think Dan Harmon’s comments against Season 4 were valid or do you think he might have been blowing things out of proportion? Post your thoughts in the comments below.

Via Vulture

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