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‘Community’ Return Date Set While NBC Drops Two More Shows

The world of TV can be a bit rocky, especially when newer of shows have to compete with already-well established series. Community has been fighting what most perceived as a losing battle for years and even more so last year when season four went underway after the dramatic firing of Dan Harmon as showrunner. Harmon was never shy when sounding off with his displeasure of the show as it went on without his vision and NBC finally came to their senses and brought him back on board to bring the show back to its former glory for its fifth season.

The return of Community is set for January 2nd, 2014 with back-to-back episodes before it eventually takes a regular spot in the schedule at 8pm starting January 9th. Its spot on the schedule is just before Parks and Recreation. The news also comes in the midst of the bizarre series of events surrounding Donald Glover’s exit from the show, including a slew of depressing notes he publicly posted on Instagram. While Community‘s return is exciting, NBC also announced the cancellation of Ironside after its fourth episode set to air on Oct. 23rd and Welcome to the Family is being dropped before a fourth episode ever makes it to the air. I wish I could say rather I find these cancellations deserved or disappointing but I have not been able to tune in to either show- something that must be common given the news.

I came on a little late to the Community bandwagon having only caught up with the series after the first two seasons aired and being able to watch the third season as it aired. I don’t find the fourth season to be as terrible as Dan Harmon clearly does, but his absence is more than just a little obvious as the season went on. I look forward to seeing the show back on the air with Harmon’s quirky humor back in full force and hope that NBC continues to let the show go on- assuming of course that Harmon’s return captures the same magic as the best episodes of the first three seasons.

What did you think of Community‘s fourth season? Do you think Harmon can return the show to the same quality of the first few seasons? What were your thoughts on the two cancelled shows Ironside and Welcome to the Family?

Via: Variety