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‘Charmed’ to be rebooted

If you look at a TV lineup these days, fantasy and horror take up much of the schedule. It is unsurprising companies try and gain a footing in that market share by any means possible. Today, Vulture are reporting that whilst in the very early stages, a Charmed Reboot is in the works and CBS have ordered a pilot script.




The reboot is described as a

“re-imagining of the original series centred around four sisters who discover their destiny – to battle against the forces of evil using their witchcraft.”

Charmed focused on three sisters who were magically linked and fought the week to week demon whilst dealing with love, life and whatever else people dealt with in the 90′s (probably not having Iphones yet). After Season 3, Shannon Doherty decided to part ways with the show and Rose McGowan was brought in as the fourth, until then unknown sister who re-established the Power of Three and continued the show. In fact, the demise of Prue paved the way for a fresh new dynamic to the point where the show may not have lived as long with Prue alive.

Charmed was on my favourite shows in my early teens and I’m unsure about this. For a long time  I hoped for some kind of reunion episode or spin off season. This can potentially work however, for me, if they can get a cast that has the same dynamic as the original and also if it works to gets rid of the sillier elements to create something a little bit more dark. I don’t want to see a show in the same vein of True Blood, Twilight etc. What also interests me is the talk of “four sisters”. I assume what was a plot device to continue the show originally will be reintroduced from the beginning.

Source: Vulture

What say you? Are you excited about the prospect of seeing a new interpretation of the Halliwell sisters? Or should this demon remain locked in the Book of Shadows?