And the First Show To Be Canceled This Season Is…

After a short two episode run, ABC has decided to end Lucky 7, making the lottery drama the first show to be canceled this television season.

The freshman program encountered significant difficulties from its inception. Lucky 7 premiered to 4.4 million viewers and scored a meager 1.3 rating among adults aged 18-49, a vital demographic. This premiere was one of the worst in the network’s history. The second episode fared even worse, dropping to 2.6 million viewers and a miserable 0.7 rating. It has been reported that the latest episode’s dismal performance led to ABC’s decision to drop the drama from its programming schedule.

An American adaptation of a British television program, Lucky 7 was the tale of seven lowly New Yorkers who won millions from a shared lottery ticket and presumably would have followed them as they struggled with the problems associated with sudden wealth.  In place of Lucky 7, ABC will air reruns of its hit drama Scandal in the 10:00 time slot on Tuesdays.

To be frank, I don’t know what ABC was expecting from this show other than failure. The network seemed to willingly ignore a number of impediments that contributed to Lucky 7‘s demise. First, there was barely any advertisement for it. I only knew this show existed because there was a one-second spot for it at the end of a commercial for the rest of the Tuesday night lineup. Second, there were no noteworthy actors, directors, writers, or producers to draw in viewers. ABC needed to have some high-profile names behind this show if it expected people to stay tuned in late Tuesday nights. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is a clear example of how to bring in viewers for a new show. Fans of Joss Whedon and the Marvel cinematic universe showed up in droves for its premiere. While it would be unreasonable to expect Lucky 7 to match that level of passion, it didn’t have a notable “something” or “someone” to pull in more viewers. Finally, I don’t believe the premise resonated with viewers. With a number of Americans suffering the consequences of a long-term economic downturn, a show about the hardships of the newly rich wasn’t likely to be attractive to the average viewer. Given these problems, Lucky 7‘s poor performance is certainly not a surprise.

Do you have any thoughts about ABC canceling this show? Do you have a prediction about the next casualty of this television season? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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10 thoughts on “And the First Show To Be Canceled This Season Is…”

  1. The pilot was good but had only a couple of storylines worth following and episode two was just boring. Not surprised its canned but surprised its the first of the new fall season.

  2. Didn’t watch it and was going to catch it on demand, but I guess it isn’t worth it now. Also, who thought that Sleepy Hollow on Fox was going to be renewed? I haven’t heard much glowing praise about that show, but yet…

    1. The Pilot episode for Sleepy Hollow was exceptional. Far better than I’d have ever anticipated and surprisingly grim and darker than I would’ve thought acceptable. The 2nd episode dropped off and I hope they don’t continue on with this monster of the week they seem to be heading towards, because the setup in the Pilot is intriguing and really strong.

  3. Eww, I thought you were gonna say “The Original Gentleman.” Anyone else remember that show? 😛

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