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Weekend Weird: Luke Mullen Slaps A Filmmaker At Fantastic Fest

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For those of you who have not had the pleasure of meeting our own Mr. Luke Mullen, he is one of the kindest, warmest, most jovial teddy bears on the planet. However, he is also completely fearless. So when the bizarre game known as Slap Shots made its way from TIFF to Fantastic Fest, Luke did not shy away.

The game is simple: two people, two shots of whiskey, two slaps to the face. Each person takes their shot and is then immediately slapped by their…opponent? I’m not sure that term applies here because there is no winner. Or perhaps, depending on your outlook on the game, everybody wins.

Luke participated in this Viking-esque booze/pain delivery system during Fantastic Fest, along with Almost Human director Joe Begos. Luckily, our good friend Aaron Morgan was there to record the mayhem as Luke slapped the blue baby blazes out of Joe in slow-motion. Luke, being the kindhearted gent he is, wanted to ensure everyone that he was himself slapped in return, it just wasn’t caught on video.  And yes, that is Elijah Wood watching intently in the background.

Check out the video below! This installment of Infestation is also your Weekend Weird.