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Walter White Hates Spoilers (Spoiler-Free)

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Here at OneOfUs.Net, we are justifiably terrified of one Mr. Walter White. This towering pillar of apocalyptic destruction and certain doom does not take kindly to people infringing upon his unholy, but still magnificent works. For example, as AMC’s Breaking Bad draws to its close, Walter has become pretty steamed over the prevalence of Breaking Bad spoilers that are turning up all over the internet by those who live-tweet and otherwise seek to self-indulgently ruin the experience for everyone.

We received this letter from Mr. White, typed (though it felt more scrawled) on a crumpled sheet of notebook paper (absurdly long notebook paper) with a smaller note that curtly commanded “post this, now!” Far be it from us to disobey the almighty Heisenberg, so here now is Walter White’s message to those who are contemplating running their digital mouths about the particulars of the final episode as it airs.

We suggest you genuflect and take heed.

Walter White Letter