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Introducting Infestation: Fantastic Fest Preview

When one or two members of The Us get together, that’s merely a gathering. When hordes of Us descend upon one spot to worship at the altar of our geekdom, that’s the moment it becomes…an Infestation.

Welcome to Infestation, OneOfUs.Net’s official festival and convention coverage feature. It seemed entirely appropriate that the festival with which we christen this ongoing feature would be Austin’s own Fantastic Fest

FF 2013

We will be bringing you daily wrap-ups, podcasts, videos, and all manner of fun surprises as we make our way through the boozy, film-laden wonderland of this mecca of cinephilia. To start things off, Chris and Brian sat down for a brief preview of their most anticipated movies of the festival.

Check out the audio as well as the trailers (where available) for these films below.

There’s no stopping it now, the Infestation is already spreading.


Escape from Tomorrow–Dir: Randy Moore


The Sacrament–Dir: Ti West (No Trailer Available)


Grand PianoDir: Eugenio Mira


Big Bad Wolves–Dir: Aharon Keshales & Navot Papushado


Jodorowsky’s Dune–Dir: Frank Pavich


Patrick–Dir: Mark Hartley


Rigor Mortis–Dir: Juno Mak


A Field in England–Dir: Ben Wheatley


We Are What We Are–Dir: Jim Mickle


Ninja: Shadow of a Tear–Dir: Isaac Florentine (No Trailer Available)
Ninja 2


Man of Tai Chi–Dir: Keanu Reeves