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Interns Wanted!

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That’s right, One Of Us is seeking a few good interns to help us run the site on a daily basis. Chris and I would like to focus more on the content creation and less on the logistics of posting and editing. As much as we love beating our heads against the keyboard, never sleeping, and still record podcasts as our brains slowly melt into marmalade. We’d also like to add a news component to the site. We’re reaching out to you, our loyal listeners/readers and offering you a chance to join the OOU team! We’re looking for about seven interns (five to handle writing news/managing posts and two audio editors).

We’ll be completely upfront about this: at this time we cannot pay. You have no idea how much we would love to compensate you for your time and your assistance, but as we are just getting off the ground, the cash simply isn’t there. We will however provide experience you can list on a resume, add your name to our Staff List, and give you any recommendations you might require for future jobs. We’ll also be sending you a special gift at the end of the year (spoiler alert: it might be from the One Of Us Store).

So what is it we’d like you to do as a OOU Intern? Do you have to live in Austin? How does our CMS system work?

One question as a time! Just kidding.

You absolutely DO NOT have to live in Austin to be an OOU intern, that’s the beauty of the internet! As to the ins-and-outs of our posting system, we use Word Press. While experience with WP would be nice, it is in no way a requirement as we’ll be training all our selected noobs. As to what you’ll be doing on a daily basis, if you’re a writing intern it’ll mostly be scoping the web for interesting movie, TV, and comic book news and writing up blurbs about those news bits replete with your personal take on it. Also, don’t fret about post formatting and style when applying, we’ll train you on that too. The two candidates we choose as our audio editors…well, you can probably guess what you’ll be doing.

Here’s the breakdown…


For Writers:

  • Finding and writing news
  • Creating housing posts for podcasts

Potential Future Duties (Contingent Upon Merit):

  • Writing editorials/columns
  • Handling our social media

For Editing Interns:

  • Putting together finalized podcast audio from raw files
  • Submitting files to dropbox

Potential Future Duties (Contingent Upon Merit & Experience):

  • Video editing
  • YouTube posting


Requirements (Who Are We Looking For?)

  • Strong writing skills
  • Passion for geeky topics and media
  • Dedication (Ideally we’d like one post per day from each writing intern)
  • Ability to accept constructive criticism
  • Fact-checking abilities
  • Self-motivator
  • Good communication skills
  • For our audio editors, we’d prefer experience with Final Cut


How To Apply!

Email a few writing samples (if you’re applying as a writing intern) to with “Intern Application” in the subject line. These samples don’t have to be film/entertainment related and there is no set number you must send us. We just want to get a sense of your abilities as a writer. Personality is our business so don’t worry about these pieces being overly formal and structured. Send us what you think best represents you as a writer. If you also feel you’d be a strong candidate as an audio editor, mention that in the email. If you’re applying strictly as an editor, tell us what programs you are proficient in and send us something you’ve edited (or the link to it).


Deadline: September 13th

Once we’ve narrowed down the list of applicants, we’ll be holding interviews either over email or Skype. We’ll make our final decision by September 20th.


We want to thank you all in advance for you interest and your desire to give of yourself to ensure the continued success of this site. We truly would not be here without you. If you have any questions whatsoever, feel free to post it in the comment section below. Thanks again!