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Digital Noise Episode 9: Reunion

On this week’s episode of “Inside the Locker”…erm, say what, Brian? Let’s take that back to the editing room…”On this week’s episode of Digital Noise…” … Ah, that’s better. Brian might be miles and miles away but with the wonders of the internet, anything is possible. This week, Brian recants on The Walking Dead, Chris deduces the quality of CBS’s “Elementary”, the two of them fight “Q: The Winged Serpent”, have many adventures with Winnie The Pooh, and question the vagaries of existence within “The Painting”. Well, amongst other things. Even with distance there still must be BEER!

Make sure to check it out, as this week two lucky listeners will get a chance to win “Sons of Anarchy: Season 5” on Blu-ray. You gotta check it…


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Among Friends w time   A Company Man w time   To Be Or Not To Be w timeEmpty Space

Q w time   At Any Price w time   Dark Angel w timeEmpty Space

Odd Angry Shot w time   Return to Neverland w time   Winnie the Pooh w timeEmpty Space

The Painting w time


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