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The Die Cast: How The Games Began

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Everyone’s got to start somewhere, so on the latest episode of the Die Cast, join a bunch of white, chubby bearded guys (and a token lady) as they sit around a table and talk about the board games that everyone (yes, even you!) should play if they want to get into gaming.

Jacob Hall is joined by Daniel Kalbacher, George Hickman, Paul Gandersman (of Arcanum Pictures), Randy Lander (of Rogues Gallery Comics & Games), and Toni-Taylor Salisbury (of Brian & Toni) for an epic, two-part journey into the world of cardboard, meeples, tokens, dice and tangents that actually have little to do with what they’re supposed to be talking about.

First, Daniel, Paul and Randy join our chairman for a roundtable on tabletops how what inspired them to become gamers. And then Paul, George, and Toni join Jacob for a slightly uncomfortable game of colonialism and trade as they play Archipelago.