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Reminder: ITL Fantasy Football Draft TONIGHT!

Greetings to everyone who is not me and therefore destined to lose at this year’s Inside the Locker fantasy football tournament. Just dropping in to remind you that the draft is today. That’s right, gather your notes and stats because once the draft begins, the mayhem cannot be assuaged.

As you probably know, given that you accepted your invitations and therefore this post is relevant to you, we have three separate leagues each presided over by a different ITL co-host. There will be a slightly different draft start time for J.C.’s league, but the other three will begin simultaneously. Here’s how it shakes out…

Adam’s League–8:00pm central

Elliott’s League–8:00pm central

Brian’s League–8:00pm central

J.C.’s League–9:00pm central

I hope this post has proved beneficial and that you are all very comfortable with the undeniable fact that no matter who you end up drafting, The Albuquerque Heisenbergs will crush all of you like that girl in the roach motel in Nightmare on Elm Street 4.

Good luck!