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One Of Us Recommends: ‘Rewind This!’ Now Available on iTunes.

Here at OneOfUs.Net, our entire mission statement is built around passion. There are countless avenues for geeky enthusiasm and we want to represent as many as possible. One particular passion near and dear to my own heart is the collecting of VHS. The hunting, the discovery, the beautiful cover art, and the feeling of being privy to certain fare lost to obscurity since it’s release. That’s why I was so happy to see folks like Josh Johnson, Christopher Palmer, and Carolee Mitchell, folks I was lucky enough to know when they lived in Austin, craft a documentary that so artfully speaks to this weird and wonderful obsession.

Rewind This!, directed by Johnson, beautifully documents the love for collecting as well as the significance of the media format to the film industry. Rewind This! was co-produced by Panos Cosmatos (Beyond the Black Rainbow) and an official selection of the 2012 SxSW film festival. Today, it is available on iTunes and I highly recommend it for anyone who recalls with affection the days of clamshell cases and adjusting tracking.