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One Month Anniversary and PayPal Request

Hey One of Us Friends and Family!

It’s been exactly one month since the launch of and I wanted to spend a few minutes to give you an update on what has been accomplished in such a short time.

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The Stats

  • 1 iTunes Feed (Biggest request on launch)
  • 81,322 Page Views
  • 1.75 Terabytes of Data Transferred. (AKA a fuck of a lot)

The Content

  • 1 Commentary
  • 1 Radio Show
  • 6 Inside The Locker
  • 1 One of Us Show
  • 3 Ordinary Gentlemen
  • 5 Digital Noise
  • 2 Blogs (Geek Inherits the Earth, Chairman of the Board)

I don’t know about you, but I am blown away by the great content created FOR US by Brian, Chris, Luke, JC and many many other very talented and dedicated people. Personally I cannot wait to see/hear what is coming soon.

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And now, the big announcement…

New Paypal Subscription

Something being launched today is a new Paypal subscription component. One of the things we have learned in the last month is how much it costs to run a site like this. There are a number of expenses: podcast production costs, hosting costs, data transfer costs, bank fees, etc…

All of this has been an eye opener and we are hoping you can help us offset the costs of keeping this site up and running (and preventing Brian from having to donate plasma on a daily basis, that boy needs a steak).

OneOfUsDonateTo do this we set up a subscription page where you can contribute on an ongoing basis to the site. A couple of things about this subscription:

Why not just use a Donate button ?

PayPal only allows non-profits use Donate buttons. As we are trying to develop One Of Us as a business, we don’t fit the not-for-profit distinction.

Why a subscription?

We are hoping you, our beloved fans, can contribute a small amount every month to the site so that we can to bring you outstanding content. Keep in mind, you can cancel your subscription at any time. So if you only wish to donate for a month or so, go ahead and subscribe and cancel a few days later. It’s that simple!

What if I cannot afford to donate ? Will I still be able to download content?

We 100000% understand if you cannot afford to donate. That’s perfectly cool. Our content will remain absolutely free to you (except for the commentaries we plan on selling in the future)

What will the money be used for?

Keeping the site afloat and providing kick ass content for ALL OF US. We will be spending the money on: podcast production costs, hosting costs, data transfer costs, bank fees, creating new shows, compensating content creators, etc.

What about the Amazon things I bought?

In the last month the Amazon Affiliate links have helped bring in some dough, and we are so grateful to you guys for using those links to make your Amazon purchases. We will keep adding links to our Amazon account and hope you keep buying stuff from there. It really helps us when you do that and I want to say THANK YOU!

Anything else?

Any other questions you may have, please add them as comments here and I’ll do my best to answer them.

Thank you very much for being a part of One Of Us and keep on geekin!