Geek Inherits The Earth: The Martian Strangler

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Is Netflix the Future of the Emmys?

Netflix Emmy Blog

Netflix seems unstoppable. When I first heard about Netflix producing original content, I had my doubts. But it may be time to put those doubts to rest. Netflix original programming has snatched up an impressive 14 Emmy nominations, the first time any such streaming media has been acknowledged.

Since the Oscar’s don’t seem to care about any of the movies we like, we have to look
to television for any sort of meaningful awards presented to visual, digital media. Television making a more significant impact as an art form and a part of geek culture than it has in a long time with such gems as Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Dexter, and The Walking Dead. And Netflix practically sealed its success as a producing icon by bringing back Arrested Development, which earned three nominations.

It seems we now have a production company willing to listen to our demands for
quality, entertaining programming. Let’s start making some.

Source: CNBC


Curiosity Learns More About the Ancient Atmosphere of Mars

Angry Red Planet news blog

With data from the Curiosity rover, scientists have begun to hypothesize that the once vibrant atmosphere of Mars was blown away by a cataclysmic event, possibly a collision with an object the size of everyone’s favorite planetoid, Pluto.

At this point, any geek who does not understand the value of space exploration is truly lost in the void. Mars is not only our best option, after the moon, for colonization, but also an orbiting Petri dish. Frankly, it’s embarrassing how little we know about space and our solar system. Any second could see our world ripped from orbit and forgotten by the higher powers of the Milky Way Galaxy. We can learn valuable lessons from the fall of the mighty Martian macrocosm. Are we willing to do a little research?

Besides, how are we ever going to discover Promethean technology and build our Starfleet shipyards without further exploration of Mars?

Source:  The Guardian


DNA Suggests Albert de Salvo was the Boston Strangler

Boston Strangler news

Recent DNA tests have confirmed Albert de Salvo was involved in the murder of
Mary Sullvian, the last known victim of the notorious Boston Strangler. Eleven deaths between 1962 and 1964 were linked to the strangler. Albert de Salvo confessed to the murders, but later recanted his story and was never convicted.

For every Breaking Bad, The Shield, and Hot Fuzz we are granted, we have to suffer through five spin-offs, and even worse rip-offs, of CSI. But the science of forensics and criminal investigations will always excite the Sherlock Holmes in all of us. With the right scientific tools, we all have the ability to be a real life investigative genius, in any field of geekdom we conquer be it in work or at play.

Even if we can’t be as charming as Benedict Cumberbatch.

Source: NY Daily News


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