Geek Inherits The Earth: Karma, Good Guy Government, and Football

Bouncing from the worlds of economics, to sports, to karma on the high seas, we bring you the high-grade brain fuel you’ll need to power your cerebral dreadnaught on the inevitable day that Geek Inherits the Earth.

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Karma: Extremist Bigots Leave “Evil” U.S. Behind; Get Lost at Sea


The Gastonguay family believed the United States was an evil land of homosexuality, abortions, and taxes. So they did what we wish all radical religious extremists would do: they left the country. They set sail for the island of Kiribati, deep in the mass expanse of the Pacific Ocean.

And they were lost at sea for 91 days. Let’s take a moment just to appreciate your particular deity’s sense of humor on that.

Just in case you were feeling some shred of sympathy regarding the human factor, a Venezuelan fishing vessel eventually rescued them. They were eventually returned to their home state of Arizona by the very same government with whom they were so angry. The irony is so thick, sturdy, and blunt you could lay it down as the hull of a massive rescue vessel complete with an Olympic-sized swimming pool and rock wall.

I’ll admit I’m more than slightly biased on this issue. While I do believe in my own particular deity, nothing upsets me more than bigotry. And seeing karma bite bigots in the butt is always a sure way to make me smile. And I don’t feel any sense of guilt because, hey, they were rescued.

The fact is we will all run into such people throughout our lives. They occupy the free speech zones of college campuses, the sidewalks outside comic cons, and the ticket booths of sports arenas. I learned long ago to never engage these types in conversation or debate. You could be Reverend Jesse Custer himself, telling these pitiful mortals the truth in the Voice of God, but it you will still loose. You cannot win an argument with a zealot. But what you can do is let them dig their own grave.

So, the next time you encounter the hateful preacher, the Internet troll, or that one relative still trapped in Montgomery, Alabama circa 1936, just walk away. Let them scream. Let them cry. No god will help them now.

Source: Addicting Info


Eminent Domain Used for Good

Sign_of_the_Times-ForeclosureThe city of Richmond, California is taking eminent domain, a practice normally looked upon as one of the great civil evils of government, and using it for good. The action is being used to seize houses suffocating under the crushing force of corrupt mortgages, and refinancing them with more realistic, affordable plans.

Now, that’s a city that truly cares about its residents.

Naturally, this has caused the bankers and the Wall Street community in general to have a financial aneurism. A lawyer for some of the mortgage companies wrote in an email that this practice of rescuing homeowners “…is threatening to seriously harm average Americans, including public pension members, other retirees and individual savers through a brazen scheme to abuse government powers for its own profit.” Yes, I had to double check what I was reading to make sure it was a lawyer for the mortgage companies saying this about the city. The resulting hypocritical, outright false double talk was so blatantly dishonest, insulting, and lawyer-tastic it made my…my…thinking thing hurt. I need a break. I’ll be right back.

And I’m back.

Other cities have considered using this option as well, but have backed off after the threats of lawsuits. But Richmond is not only refusing to retreat behind some metaphorical wall of safety, they’ve built legal Jaeger suits to battle these Kaiju of Wall Street.

“We feel strongly that we’re on legal ground,” Mayor Gayle McLaughlin said. “We’re not afraid of going into the courtroom. We believe our legal reasoning will prevail.”

A wise bumper sticker once said that if you’re not outraged, you haven’t been paying attention. We were paying attention when the banks sacrificed our economy for profit. I hope you’re all paying attention now, because when you miss some of the bad in the world, you also have a tendency to miss a lot of the good. The next time your local government takes such bold actions against a larger opponent, stand in the corner with them.

We are stronger as One.

Source: Addicting Info


Discussion—Should the Redskins Change Their Name?

washington-redskins2While it never truly goes away, the topic of one of the more questionable names in sports surfaces prominently every few years. Once again, it’s back in the spotlight, and gaining some powerful allies.

I remember once when I was a very young kid asking my mother if the name “Redskins” was racist. She told me she thought it was, and that most Native American influenced names tended to be used as a misconception that these tribes were fierce and war-like, when we all know that the war was truly started over the self-righteous, genocidal concept of manifest destiny.

But it’s tradition, right? Yeah, that’s the same argument they use for the Confederate flag, guys and gals.

The team’s owner, Daniel Snyder, has already said he will never change the name, despite evidence that a name change would only make the franchise more money in the long run.

In addition, the movement to change the team’s name has been gaining momentum. Packers CEO Mark Murphy has called the name “very derogatory to a lot of people.”  Slate has said they will no longer refer to the team by name. The name is even facing a legal battle in the form of a lawsuit designed to void its trademark protections. Even some members of Congress and the Washington, D.C. city council are calling for a name change.

Do I think Daniel Snyder and Redskins fans are racist? Not necessarily, though Snyder is starting to act like a stubborn old man ranting about tradition in between listening to reruns of the Amos ‘n’ Andy radio show. But, I do believe a name change is necessary. I’m not saying they cannot stay within the theme, but there are certainly more respectful ways to honor our Native Americans.

red-tails-poster01I like what David Plots, author of the Slate article had to say. “Changing the way we talk is not political correctness run amok. It reflects an admirable willingness to acknowledge others who were once barely visible to the dominant culture, and to recognize that something that may seem innocent to you may be painful to others.” He went on to point out a great name suggestion by Washington, D.C. city councilor David Grosso: the Redtails, in honor of the Tuskegee Airmen of World War II. This has become my new favorite candidate.

So, what do you think? Feel free to discuss in the comments below and offer your suggestions for name changes! We’ll forward our favorite ones to the National Football League. They won’t listen, but we’ll try!

Source: ESPN

845 thoughts on “Geek Inherits The Earth: Karma, Good Guy Government, and Football”

  1. I don’t in any way disagree with the idea of changing the name Redskins. But, the Red Tails is a terrible name. I know the history that is attached the name, and my dislike is not attached to that. Just looking on the surface, imagine the public address annoucner booming over the sound system with “AND NOW YOUR WASHINGTON RED TAILS!” It doesn’t feel like the right fit. Maybe I’m lazy but I like Senators for name. The baseball team was once called the Senators and so there is history there.

    Either way, the name should be changed.

    1. I liked the idea behind changing the team’s name to the Red Tails until you brought up this point. Well said.

      The name needs to change, but Red Tails is not the one.

  2. I’d be on board for a name change and it’s not because I’m a Cowboy fan and predisposed to disliking the Redskins. Mascot changes don’t hurt. A team is a team regardless of their logo and I think it could only help their public image (not that they have a bad one).

    I’d also be on board for the alternative though. Every OTHER team should change their mascot to be something equally derogatory to some ethnicity. The Dallas Honkey No-Rhythmics, the San Francisco Slant-Eyes, etc.

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