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Digital Noise Episode 8: Cabin in the Fjord

Don’t just tune in to this week’s Digital Noise because we’re the eight-time winner of the coveted “Best Podcast on One Of Us.Net about Blu-rays and DVDs” award. Don’t just listen because we talk about such great shows like Boardwalk Empire Season 3, Enterprise Season 2, or Being Human Season 5. Don’t even limit your reasons to the films we discuss, like Swedish Evil Dead tribute film Wither, or the documentary about the long-shot who got to be the new singer of Journey, Don’t Stop Believing.And although it’s a damn good reason, don’t listen just because we’re giving away a copy of X-Ray/Schizoid from Scream Factory on Blu-ray.

Listen to us because Luke Mullen, the Bearded one, is back.

…actually, in retrospect, these all seem like pretty good reasons to listen to us….

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