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Digital Noise Episode 7: The Night Owl Tapes

Prepare yourselves, Digi-noise-castee’s, for a veritable plethora of the reviews of home-release titles that you are presumably here for. I can’t imagine it’s for the puns.

Brian and Chris fall with Olympus, wonder why there are so many songs about rainbows, go on an extraordinarily weird French adventure, punk it up with Death, chase ghosts along the Devil’s Backbone, and much, much, MUCH more.

Now I don’t want to upset you folks, so don’t worry: even though Luke isn’t here again this week, he’s almost certainly saving the world from evil (or over-long cuts of films at least), and he will be back soon. But never fear! We’ve got more mysterious messages from the Letterbox and TWO (count ’em) TWO giveaways for ya, that you’ll need to turn on your creative juices for if you want the chance to win. And you want to win. AND you want to tell all your friends about your favorite DVD/blu-ray release show, Digital Noise….

…as always, here to make your Tuesday a little brighter.

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