Digital Noise Episode 7: The Night Owl Tapes


Prepare yourselves, Digi-noise-castee’s, for a veritable plethora of the reviews of home-release titles that you are presumably here for. I can’t imagine it’s for the puns.

Brian and Chris fall with Olympus, wonder why there are so many songs about rainbows, go on an extraordinarily weird French adventure, punk it up with Death, chase ghosts along the Devil’s Backbone, and much, much, MUCH more.

Now I don’t want to upset you folks, so don’t worry: even though Luke isn’t here again this week, he’s almost certainly saving the world from evil (or over-long cuts of films at least), and he will be back soon. But never fear! We’ve got more mysterious messages from the Letterbox and TWO (count ’em) TWO giveaways for ya, that you’ll need to turn on your creative juices for if you want the chance to win. And you want to win. AND you want to tell all your friends about your favorite DVD/blu-ray release show, Digital Noise….

…as always, here to make your Tuesday a little brighter.

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Olympus Has Fallen Blu-ray Review   Pain and Gain Blu-ray Review   Muppet Movie Blu-ray Review

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Girls Season 2 Blu-ray Review   Hatchet III Blu-ray Review   Errors of the Human Body DVD Review

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Seconds Criterion Blu-ray Review   Devil's Backbone Criterion Blu-ray Review   Bruce Lee Legacy Collection Review

Empty Space

The Company You Keep Blu-ray Review   Band Called Death Blu-ray Review   Dr Who Spearhead from Space Blu-ray Review

Empty Space

Adele Blanc-Sec Blu-ray Review   Rock Jocks DVD Review   Emperor Blu-ray Review

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Dog Pound DVD Review   What Maisie Knew DVD Review


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5,115 thoughts on “Digital Noise Episode 7: The Night Owl Tapes”

  1. I saw One Night At McCool’s! It was a free screening. On the comment card I asked for my money back. (But did admit the Village People line was great.)

  2. @ ~1:08: apparently the first three Bruce Lee films were originally scored in Mandarin, although Bruce really only spoke Cantonese (his bits were voiced over into Mandarin by other actors in the original releases). That said, Cantonese-dubbed versions came out more-or-less simultaneously, and could have had even wider distribution than the ‘original’. So Brian, it’s kind of your call what language you watch them in. Cantonese, with more tones and more street cred, always sounds to me the more natural choice for 70’s kung fu flicks.

  3. (For Adele Blanc-sec giveaway, I’m sorry if this doesn’t count cause it’s more steampunk and I’m more of a minor character instead of the hero.)

    In an alternate 1860 presidential election election, John C. Breckinridge drops out of the presidential race and supports Stephen Douglas against Abraham Lincoln. Under Stephen Douglas, the completely United States of America Launches a surprise attack on England with an array of fancy new weapons, like zeppelins with gatling Guns and clockwork drone bombs. Queen Victoria and Prince Alfred are executed Game of Thrones style in front of Buckingham palace. Englishmen and a good number of Scots and Welsh fight the invaders, but the colonies go immediately in rebellion, The Irish actively ally with the Americans, and are rewarded with some advanced artillery. Edward VII, heir to the throne, was himself in American at the time and escapes capture he commandeers a submarine to return to England with to lead the loyalist forces. 20 year old Princess Victoria, her 7 year old brother Leopold, and her 3 year or sister Beatrice are being sent back to American to use as hostages against Edward, but the ship is captured by pirates, led by Harriet Tubman and John Brown. The young royals take part in the fight of the rebel slaves. I am a sharpshooter under John Brown who hooks up with Victoria. And I am really, really, cool. Princess Alice, Princess Louise, and Prince Arthur are also taken to America in a separate fleet, but are saved and sheltered by Abraham Lincoln, who wants to put one over on his political rivals. He contacts Edward and arranges an Alliance between the British Empire, and the rebel slaves in the south led by Tubman. Princess Helena and Young Prince Alfred are held captive in London, where the Americans and the Irish are having a tough time of holding onto the city. The tide is turned when the Irish find out how their people are treated in America, and under a treaty signed by Edward VII, the King of England who had to overcome his prejudice against the Irish, help him kick out the American army in most of the major cities in exchange for complete Irish independence. Meanwhile, President Douglas has acquired a version of the Atom bomb that he plans to unleash on both Britain and Ireland, but he is overthrown by Abraham Lincoln and his allies, the rebel slaves and businessmen who are upset over the broken economy the war has caused. Lincoln calls for an election, in which he is the only candidate anyone recognizes. Upon his Innaguration signs the emancipation proclamation and arranges to meet the King, who is ready to get tough on the new president until Lincoln unleashes on his his lost brothers and sisters on him, who he believed to be dead. And after this happy reunion, Edward rushes through negotiations quickly, giving Lincoln whatever he wants, so that he can spend time with his family. Lincoln, Tubman, and John Brown walk away into the sunset.

  4. My period piece fantasy:

    In the 1950’s, the world is being invaded by the aliens from Earth vs. The Flying Saucers, who are also taking control of giant mutant monsters and fuel themselves with coffee. Earth;s defense forces are powerless to stop them, not because their weapons are useless, but because without coffee, no one is awake enough to do anything.

    Enter me. I am a beat poet who just got back from a long spiritual journey through the far east, and upon seeing the chaos that the world has been thrown into, I grab my preferred source of caffeine, Coca-Cola, and set to work building a giant Kung-Fu robot named Redhead Mambo with which to fight the invading aliens and their monsters. In addition to channeling my kung-fu prowess, Mambo is equipped with a full set of weapons, including a set of bongo drums that fire spherical fuse bombs, dual six-shooters, literally, just six-shooters sized for a giant robot, and a beam saber, because Gundam > Jedi. Accompanying me is a plucky young first wave feminist named Zelda with a love of and great talent for machines. She also knows kung-fu and can summon a winged bear to ride on. Together we journey across the globe fighting the sinister alien forces, along the way making all sorts of new friends, like a scientist who thinks he’s the re-incarnation of Thomas Edison, a human-sized sentient robot who’s fascinated by human copulation, one of the monsters who defected to Earth’s side and seeks to get revenge on the aliens for killing her brother, and a monkey named Paco.

    In the end, after hours and hours of an epic kung-fu battle with the alien leaders in thier giant robots (’cause we all have giant robots at this point, obviously), the fate of Earth shall hinge on a game of checkers… ON THE MOON!!!!!!!!!!! The game is intense, with Zelda and Paco giving me hints and the whole planet watching in anticipation. Just when it looks like I’m about to win, the alien leader cheats, causing Paco, who hates cheaters, to lose his shit and throw poop at the alien leader. The alien leader stumbles back into a crater and cracks his helmet open, which makes his head explode and then one final kung-fu fight breaks out as we dispatch his surviving lieutenants. Finally, with the Earth safe, I work up the courage to ask Zelda out on a date, only for her to reveal she’s actually a lesbian and walks off with her lover. The sentient robot then follows them, saying “Oh, I gotta see how this works.” I stand there, shocked, then shrug it off, get in my giant robot, and journey to tibet along side the good monster to live out the rest of my life in peace and hopefully find true love.

  5. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Arcade game. You get free pizza, you get to beat up bad guys, and you get to hang out with the Turtles and April O’Neill, in all her yellow jumpsuited glory.

  6. i got go with Q*bert ,a fun brightly color game and you know Q must have some awesome drugs once you get in there.

  7. i actually did my senior thesis on the US occupation of Japan and you are right Brian it would make an awesome story. i did the same thing as Chris did when i saw the trailer and just didn’t want to trudge through the poor romance stuff.

    still since the subject enthralled me, and the movie sounds like crap i want to fill in some gaps.
    (i completely understand if you don’t want to read my long summary, even though it is educational as hell 😉

    our occupation was comprehensive we changed their culture, economics, politics, and worked on their religion and social structures (women could vote, the emperor wasn’t a god anymore). to do this we worked for almost two years before we got there to organize goals, write policies, and come up with strategies on how to install it and make it stick. the emperor was key to a lot of these plans. we wanted to use him as an ambassador to the people to help ease the new policies into place.
    however MacArthur and the rest of the occupation were totally ready to make him abdicate if he didn’t comply.
    that would be where matthew fox would have come in. part of a group tasked with investigating the emperor’s involvement with military strategy he went around trying to find the necessary evidence to convict him.

    basically after we occupied and the emperor cooperated so thoroughly MacArthur did his best to hide and diminish a lot of what info was dug up on the emperor and went on to demonize the military.

    More fun came just before the Nuremburg trials as the people and white house officials started to push for a war criminal particularly the emperor to be held responsible on the Japanese side. MacArthur enjoying his ability to rubber stamp policies and not appreciative of white house involvement pulled strings and issued statements saying it would take 1 million soldiers to hold Japan if they tried the emperor as a war criminal.

    slight exaggeration aside it worked, the emperor wasn’t tried as a war criminal, and now that i have summed up the first half of my paper; ill end with the fact that the Cold War changed a lot of our policies and attitudes with Japan and that change was the primary focus of my thesis.

    thanks for reading and i am sorry if my summary either bored you to tears or made you wish the movie focused on the cool stuff, history has those effects on people 🙂

  8. Great episode! Also, thank you for answering my question. I probably could have used a better example than Dumb and Dumber, I know but it was the only one that sprang to mind.

    Like I said, the Highlander Blu-Ray has the deleted scenes cut into the movie and oddly enough, it works for the movie. It adds things. But when I bought the “unrated” edition of Dumb and Dumber, I noticed real quick that the movie seemed odd. The extra scenes that are inserted into the movie really throw the pacing off and they kill the jokes. You can’t turn them off, either. You’re stuck with them. Ironically I got both of these at Target because they were super cheap, but man do they hit both sides of the spectrum.

  9. FWI,

    1.the lead actress of Adele Blanc-Sec became known on tv when she was the weather girl on Canal+ . weather girls on this channel during the past 15yrs were allowed to do whatever they wanted, bringing often some sort of fresh and original,funny sometime surprising sketches while getting through the boring reading of the coming weather….usually in costumes.(

    2.the auteur of the ‘french comic’ never agreed on any adaptation of his work, saying it was never satisfying enough. Luc Besson had to ‘woe'(scenario rewrites,advice on the movie etc..) him for years before he accepted.(i m not that convinced of the movie myself but if tardi agreed…why not. still it is one of those superb vessels for louise anyway…i guess he was tired of besson always asking him)

  10. I would have to go to the classics and say I’d want to be stuck in Donkey Kong. For some reason, fighting a gorilla while armed with only a big effin’ hammer sounds like a fun way to pass the afternoon. Plus, after you vanquish the primate, you’ve got Pauline, the sexy 80s go-go dancer, looking at you with those googly eyes. As a shorter, heavyset guy, I think I can safely say that Mario wouldn’t hesitate to take her home to rock out to cheesy 80s rock ballads all night long. And since I’m playing the part of Mario, who am I to break character at such a crucial moment?

  11. And the giveaway winners are: Samuel Gelber (Adele Blanc-Sec) and Andrew Catron (Rock Jocks). Please email with your mailing addresses and we’ll get those out to you.

    Thanks for playing! We’ll have another giveaway next week!

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