Digital Noise Episode 6: West of Mud


This week’s episode takes your favorite couch potatoes from a muddy Arkansas riverbank to the place beyond the pines to the deserts of Ishtar. The starkly varying quality of the titles discussed on this episode is almost like its own flashpoint paradox. Also we review Community Season 4.

Even without our favorite beardy Luke Mullen, we wade through a sea of titles, answer your questions in the Letterbox, and offer a bone-crushing martial arts giveaway.

It’s Tuesday, so it must be…Digital Noise!


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Mud Blu-ray Review   On the Road Blu-ray Review   Ishtar Blu-ray Review

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Place Beyond the Pines Blu-ray Review   Justice League Blu-ray Review   Sword in the Stone Blu-ray Review

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Sapphires Blu-ray Review   Swamp Thing Blu-ray Review   West of Memphis Blu-ray Review

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Community s4 DVD Review   Smash s2 Blu-ray Review   Antiviral Blu-ray Review

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Aftershock Blu-ray Review   Absence Blu-ray Review   Eddie Sleepwalking Cannibal DVD Review

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My Amityville Horror DVD Review   Gallow Walkers DVD Review   Magic Magic DVD Review

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King of the Streets Blu-ray Review


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3,010 thoughts on “Digital Noise Episode 6: West of Mud”

  1. awesome so excited to hear what you have to say about flashpoint this looks like an amazing episode.

  2. I can honestly say that the government here in Arkansas is screwed like that. Its just wrong all over and so often this keeps happening, but on some smaller scales here. This made me embarrassed to be associated with the state.

    Thankfully Mud is a great example in the rising Arkansas cinema, which is growing and booming. Its the best produced film for me to come out the state. Loved the movie a lot, you basically covered why its great. Mud is just fantastic.

  3. Mud/West Of Memphis 5 stars:)
    Drive 2 (aka A Place Beyond The Pines) was waaaay too long. I actually thought Bradley Coopers story was by far the most interesting. We were laughing out loud at Gosling reprising his role as the mute criminal-driver.
    Really surprised at your take on ‘Magic Magic’. I was blown away. Great performances and could never tell what was actually happening and what she was imagining through her paranoia, which i found terrifying.
    I thought ‘My Amityville Horror’ was a joke. Poorly made and lacking in every aspect. I actually couldn’t get through it. Daniel Lutz going off swearing at any hint of a question, rocking out with his guitar and sunglasses, then being all devout Christian made me sick to my stomach. Don’t know what evidence there is for him being abused but he smells like a slightly retarded, attention seeking fraud to me.
    Antiviral was awful and not clever in the slightest but hey i’m not a Cronenberg fan to start with…

    GREAT episode! 🙂

  4. Movies for younger/beginning horror viewers… how about Disney’s “Something Wicked This Way Comes”?

  5. It’s funny, when I first got my Blu-Ray player, I went with two movies I wanted to see, but didn’t get the chance to see in theatres: Warrior and Captain America: The First Avenger.

    Yea, I could have gotten movies I was familiar with, but I figured new format, new movies.

  6. In defense of the modern teenagers, I saw Mud a few weeks after I turned 15, and I loved it. I didn’t really adore the movie as much as others did, but considering this year, it’s still my second favorite, behind Before Midnight and ahead of The Conjuring. It was an interesting take on the coming-of-age story, and it was beautifully filmed and wonderfully acted, although I did have some problems with the two kids, as I thought they were a little loosely written, and Michael Shannon isn’t in it enough, so Take Shelter is still Nichol’s best film in my book.

  7. My style would be Alcoholic style…with the abillty crash a party with drunken fist of fury and not remember it happening in the morning. my arch enemy style would be A.A. style…talkin some religious 12 step bullshit till I wanna knock my self out!

  8. My fighting style would be called the Flowing River Fists of Yunnan. The fighting style is studying the movement of water in a river that teaches the fighter to move with a smooth and flowing movement in the legs and feet to become a moving target when in battle, and to hit hard and continue to move forward with the same power every time your fists make contact: no matter the angle or distance the punch is coming form. Strike quick and hit hard (the saying for the flowing river fists). My enemy is my brother Bolin Feng who studies The Dark Chi Palm technique. This style uses the dark energy to concentrate the dark chi in the fists making a black like flame covering the hands making them deadly. He is my enemy because when we were kids i broke are masters staff (the arch of the Buddhas hand) and when master found out i told the master that Bolin did it and Bolin was not only exiled from the school but he was also told by are father that “on this day i no longer have two sons” and he as exiled from the family do to the shame he brought upon the family, also as well losing all his birth rights as the elder son.

  9. Hey you guys answered my email! Sweet! Thanks for the tips.I am pretty late to the blu ray scene (especially being such a film geek) but you know when your broke and in school what are you gonna do? Any ways love the content. Keep up the good work

  10. Man I watched Legend of Korra after the last show and really enjoyed it even made me go back and watch Avatar the last airbender.

  11. My Kung Fu Style would be called the ‘Startled Buck’, Which involves waiting till the last moment to react to an attack and at that moment using my hands or my head to hit the person as fast as possible. When I am cornered the style uses kicks for defense and to created space between my opponent and I. The style revolves around speed and timing for precision strikes.
    My Rival uses the complete opposite of mind the ‘Lights of Cars’, his style consist of strong powerful punches and distraction of movement to draw attention to possible danger, but its just a feint. Even a glancing blow can be devastating from this style. Kicks are rarely used since it is mostly an upper body style. The legs are used to build power into delivering a solid punch. This style goes for finishing moves right at the start.
    My style may not always win against his but you can be sure that I’ll Fuck his shit up before I go down.

  12. Alright, first time trying one of these on this site. Here goes.

    My martial arts style would be called “Toto Lee Nat Laym” it involves blending techniques from Karate, Hapkido, and Tang Soo-Do, and not just because I studied them all in small segments and never followed up on the training. I try to, I mean, completely succeed at embellishing my techniques and making them very flashy and totally badass. There is nothing that at all resembles a flailing monkey about my fighting style. It’s very graceful and fluid. Yessir, I absolutely do not resemble a beached whale when I fight. Trust me. No, you can’t see footage, no mom, stop, don’t show them those…
    My nemesis is named Sutarisu, and he studies the Japanese art of “Gurabiti.” It involves staying low to the ground and pulling your opponent down with grapples. My nemesis in particular likes to make my face and ass go straight into the ground. He has thwarted me many times in accomplishing such feats as: climbing trees, climbing the rope in gym class, balancing on one foot, and getting higher than a white belt. I mean, higher than a 4th degree black belt, which he has nefariously locked me at.

  13. I was the only one in my group of friends that actually thought the new season of Community was ok. I feel like even some of the episodes were at the level of some of the other seasons, and if they didnt know Harmon was gone then they would have liked it. But i do have to admit a few of the episodes were pretty hard to watch.
    I am also incredibly excited to see Mud and to pick up A Place Beyond the Pines. I thought Pines was a pretty good movie with some amazing acting. I loved the first two parts but like you guys I could easily see what was going to happen in the last act, so i got a little tired of the movie. But I want to pick it up specifically to watch the first and second third, because that part was simply amazing.

  14. Start the kid off with Hellraiser, that was my first horror movie I remember seeing as a little kid.

  15. And the winner of this week’s giveaway is: Anthony Palos. Anthony, please send us an email at and provide us your address.

    Thanks for playing, everybody. Tune in next week for another great giveaway challenge!

  16. Jean-François Martel

    About the SAPPHIRES cover, even if the intent was not racist the result is nonetheless. Someone can do or say something racist out of stupidity instead of malice and it doesn’t make it less racist.

  17. Jean-François Martel

    Another difference between Chevy Chase and Dan Harmon is that Dan Harmon is aware he can be a raging dick, and more often than not will come back and apologize, especially if he offended his fans. from his writings (on his tumblr, etc.) he truly seems to care about them and when he puts his foot in his mouth he tried to make amends.

  18. I agree that Community Season 4 wasn’t that bad but its definitely the worst season of the show. The puppet episode was really good, but Harmon’s absent was very much noticed. The writing was weaker, they dropped the ball when it came to storytelling. I hated that they went “It was all just a dream” route in the finale. The City College revenge plot went absolutely nowhere, the Changnesia thing could of been done better. I really did like the documentary episode but in the season overall it could of done better. Now I will admit the season had some very funny episodes. The body switching episode, the puppet episode, and the episode where they have to get the whale were really funny. It wasn’t a total waste but it could of done better.

  19. I love that Chris loves Smash. I don’t think it’s quite as strong as you made it out to be but it has a special place in my heart.

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