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Watch This Amazing Fan-Submitted ‘Thing’ Swede!

During RTX/SpillCon, our former podcast, Remote Viewing, experienced its grand finale in the form of a live game show. As part of the show, we asked our fans to produce sweded versions of their favorite film scenes. The submissions we got were all spectacular, but the grand prize winner was a thing of pure low-budget beauty.

Miguel Angel Puig and his crew managed to pull off a homemade version of one of the greatest scenes from John Carpenter’s immortal The Thing. The amount of creativity and ingenuity employed for this swede is spellbinding. Puig took home the grand prize of a Martin Ansin Iron Man 3 poster from the incomparable Mondo News.

Pop over to our YouTube page to watch Puig’s aptly titled, “Those Crazy Swedes.”

And keep your eye out for more of the fan-submitted swedes to appear.