Digital Noise: Episode 2


For what is officially the second episode of Digital Noise, though technically the third(ish), the Blu Crew delve into a rather mixed bag of releases. We have steam punk Chinese martial arts epics, bullfighters, loads of crazy killers, and the latest dreadful Stephenie Meyer adaptation.

We also rechristen our viewer mail segment (all hail The Letterbox) and we giveaway a frighteningly good Hammer Blu-ray. Listen for details on your chance to win as well as the wit, charm, and…um…a third thing that you’ve come to expect from your favorite couch potatoes. Crank up that glorious Digital Noise!



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The Host w time  WB 20 Comedy w time  Tower Block w time

Empty Space

Warehouse 13 w time  Tai Chi Hero w time  Wolverine Origin w time

Empty Space

Blood and Sand w time  Admission w time  Cohen and Tate w time

Empty Space

The Wild West w time  6 Souls w time  The Cloth w time

Empty Space

Hands of the Ripper w time


4,497 thoughts on “Digital Noise: Episode 2”

  1. Aww, yes. The haunting Torgo theme.

    I will miss the viewer Mail song, but I love the name Letterbox.

  2. For the Give-away competition:
    Title: Jack the Ripper vs Joffrey Baratheon
    Plot: While masturbating to the “Red Wedding, Chapter 51, A Storm of Swords” in a lightning storm, Jack the Ripper was instantaneously transported to the “Game of Thrones” universe, when being hit by fatal lightning bolt. After consulting the Red Witch (Melisandre), he finds out that he needs to find a doubly-pure-blooded Lannister male (Joffrey Baratheon) and “slit his throat and rape him in the fucking wound” to return to Jack’s own universe. Now Jack have to go all Dexter Morgan to get to Joffrey. Does Joffrey deserves his fate? Do we really want Jack the Ripper back in our universe? Or is Jack just imagining all this in his dying moments? What do you think?
    I don’t wish to win. I’m a UK resident, thus should I win, it will cost you a fortune to ship it here. I’m grateful that you guys are back and I wish you guys years of success!

  3. For the Giveaway:

    “The Whitechapel Wager”

    Four days after the last Whitechapel Murder, Jack the Ripper is visitied by the infamous Professor James Moriarity, who comes to him not only as an admirer, but also with a friendly bet: The Ripper must not only compete with Moriarty’s best assassins to commit as many murders within a month, but he also has to address a letter to Sherlock Holmes before each murder. Moriarty’s men will do the same. The loser is the first one to be caught by Holmes and will have his identity revealed to the papers. The winner will get anything they ask of the loser. The two shake hands and the race is on.

  4. For the giveaway (also the only way I would actually see this movie):

    Dumber and Dumber To: When Harry Met Jack (entire synopsis/official 2014 press release)

    Set only a few years after the hilarious original Farrelly brothers film, Harry (Jeff Daniels) and Lloyd (Jim Carrey) are on another crazy road trip when all of a sudden Lloyd gets into a run-in with wacky famous killer Jack the Ripper (Michael Cera), who kills him. This dark turn leads Harry into a terrible obsession, doing everything he can to actually find the identity of the killer.
    When he actually does, revealing that the vicious killer is actually famous character Shaft (also Michael Cera), and tells the world, nobody believes Harry. This maddening lack of justice on his friend’s life leaves Harry to become of more public worth, taking a job as a very successful news anchor with a new name…that name…Will McAvoy.

  5. For the Give-A-Way, I present you with SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE UNDERWORLD.

    Scott Pilgrim (Michael Cera, whether you want him or not) meets the literal girl of his dreams, Ramona Flowers (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) in the gaslight-lined streets of 1890s London. His whole world comes crashing down, however, when it’s revealed that to continue courting Ramona, Scott must find and bring to justice the seven criminals who make up the Guild of Dastardly Paramours, former suitors of Ramona’s that have turned to crime to pay the Queen’s damn taxes. While each of the Paramours are formidable, (such as “Slim” Jim Moriarty, “Howling” Larry Talbot, and even a nocturnal Mina Harker (who claims Ramona still pines for her hickeys)) none are as notorious to Victorian Society as Jack “the Ripper” Graves, the man who organized the Guild itself.
    Will Scott survive the ordeal and win Ramona forever? Will the exotic young Knives Chau manage to win his affection once again? And will Scott’s orchestra ever get their big break???

  6. My entry into the Give-A-Way

    Title: A Ripped Ash

    Summary:One day while working at S-Mart, Ash Williams comes across an old looking book inexplicably placed on shelf. Remembering his previous encounter with another old book, Ash grabs his boomstick and shoots the book out the door without giving it a second thought. He the fuels his ego and mocks the book by reciting the very words that had once been used on the Necronomicon: Klaatu verata nicto! Suddenly, the book opens up and a portal appears! It sucks Ash inside and drops him in the middle of Whitechapel district of London circa 1888. From there he stumbles upon a beautiful Victorian woman who explains to him that a ruthless killer called Jack the Ripper is after her. Ash spots a tall, sharp dressed man standing in the distance. Suddenly, Jack the Ripper starts transforming into a giant Deadite with scalpel-like blades for fingers. He lets out a mighty roar and charges forward. Ash points his boomstick at the demon’s head and holds the buxom woman close to his chest. He smirks.


  7. Giveaway:
    Care bear IV: Jack Ripper in Wonderland
    The Care Bears live in a country high in the clouds, where they have a
    lot of fun together. But one night “Happy ending” bear is found slice in half in a back Detective bear is on the case, hunting down the ripper while fighting his thirst with a bottle of whiskey. The Ripper will take you and care bear down
    into wonderland of murder ,puppies, rape,and Rainbows, where they experience exciting and dangerous adventures together.

  8. What about Jack the Ripper vs. H.G. Wells?

    H.G. Wells pursues Jack the Ripper to the 20th Century when the serial
    murderer uses the future writer’s time machine to escape his time


  9. well, Chris already called “Digital Noise” “Remote Viewing”(RIP) and Brian calling Chris-Cyrus, and now time to wait for Luke

  10. i am slowly working my way to warehouse 13. i have a crowded tv lineup but i’ve been hearing good things especially from you, cyrus/Chris (still dont know what to do with that whole situation BTW). The main thing though is that i am finally starting to get over my sadness about the TV mini series SciFi did called ‘the lost room’.
    it was epic and focused on a similar theme of crazy effects but from innocuous hotel items. they had a lot of cool ideas and conspiracies and left themselves a cheap cliffhanger that could have let them do a full series. then warehouse 13 came out like 1 to 2 years later using the raiders warehouse and the lost room plot ideas and my grudge began.

    anyways long story short i had a grudge, it has slowly worn down, and excellent recommendations keep tempting me with the promise of an easy and fun show. it is officially on the list.

  11. Jack the Ripper vs Predator. Put Arnold Schwarzenegger in a top hat and cape and turn ’em loose in foggy old London town. Writes itself really. Now least the possibility of Ahnoldt doing a brit accent.

  12. Entry for the Give-A-Way

    A Ripper in Time(Ripper X The Time Machine X Time Cop)

    Summary: Jack the Ripper is running away from his latest kill but England’s Finest are getting close. The Ripper stumbles into the home of The Time Traveler just as he is doing a run down for his maiden voyage. The Ripper seeing his chance to make a clean get away, and another kill to his count decides take the time machine as his own and leave his time for another. Now Jack the Ripper has freedom he could have only dreamed of before and have an escape every time as well. Through out history of past, present and future he is ranking up his murder count and leaving many cases unsolved. There is now only one hope that can stop this psychotic killer and that is the force that restores the balance of time and hold peace for any era. They are the Time Cops.

  13. The letterbox song is from Manos: the Hands of Fate. One of the worst movies ever made!
    (the Torgo theme, I believe)
    -Shiloh, from Spill Con

  14. Michael-Orian Bockus

    Jack the Ripper vs Zombie Hookers
    It is October, year 1888, The infamous Jack the Ripper is at the height of his new-found hobby, killing hookers he finds of the streets within the Whitechapel district of London.. All is going well for good ol’ Jack, that is, until his victims refuse to stay dead. Things go sour for Jack when he finds out the undead harlots will not rest until they devour his flesh and deliver his soul to Satan himself. Prepare yourself for the spine-tingling, vomit educing JACK THE RIPPER vs ZOMBIE HOOKERS!

  15. Luke has been cracking me up in these two episodes. Not sure if he was more reserved on the other show, but he is amazing on DN.

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