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Digital Noise: Episode 2

For what is officially the second episode of Digital Noise, though technically the third(ish), the Blu Crew delve into a rather mixed bag of releases. We have steam punk Chinese martial arts epics, bullfighters, loads of crazy killers, and the latest dreadful Stephenie Meyer adaptation.

We also rechristen our viewer mail segment (all hail The Letterbox) and we giveaway a frighteningly good Hammer Blu-ray. Listen for details on your chance to win as well as the wit, charm, and…um…a third thing that you’ve come to expect from your favorite couch potatoes. Crank up that glorious Digital Noise!



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The Host w time  WB 20 Comedy w time  Tower Block w time

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Warehouse 13 w time  Tai Chi Hero w time  Wolverine Origin w time

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Blood and Sand w time  Admission w time  Cohen and Tate w time

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The Wild West w time  6 Souls w time  The Cloth w time

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Hands of the Ripper w time