Geek Inherits the Earth: The Rallying Cry

One of Us.

As I sit here, pondering how best to express my thoughts, that phrase continues to be the central concept circling my cerebrum. The obvious reasoning behind that would be this is the site I am writing for, after all. But I think it goes further than that.

I have been tasked with bringing the events of our world to you, and how they impact our lives as geeks. I fully intend to make this as all-inclusive, varied, and in-depth as possible. In order to accomplish this, I need your help. After all, you are one of us.

As geeks, we have an enormous responsibility. Yes, it may seem our hobbies, interests, and fandoms have little impact in real life. But the reality is, they serve a more practical purpose than we think. Science fiction helps us imagine our futures, and try to create a better world. Fantasy teaches us to work in a team to achieve a common goal, regardless of race or class. Sports encourage a healthy lifestyle and competition.

At least, that’s the idea.

The things we love the most have the potential to broaden our horizons, mentally, physically, and spiritually. So, how do the events of the real world relate to the lessons we learn as geeks? That’s what we are here to discover.

Here, we will discuss the biggest, smallest, craziest, most disturbing, and the most enlightening moments that distract us from worlds we’ve come to love more than our real one. And we will discuss how the training we’ve undergone in our geek worlds have prepared us for these very moments.

As I said, we as geeks have an enormous responsibility. We have the potential to become the best and brightest our species has to offer. If we can use science fiction to create our future, we can leave behind our primitive superstitions. If we can run into a fantasy battle alongside elves and orcs, we can learn to tolerate diversity in our own realm. If we can compete hard and friendly on the sports field of our choice, we can work to make ourselves better for it.

Let me lay down some of the ground rules, although I trust this should go without saying. There will be a broad range of topics discussed here. Discussion is encouraged. After all, there’s a reason freedom of speech was part of the First Amendment. However, and I can not stress this enough, this is a bigotry free zone!

So long as your beliefs do not cause physical or mental harm to anyone, all opinions are welcome. It does not matter if you’re a nerd, jock, or a larper. It does not matter if you believe in a deity or not. It does not matter if you practice Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Wicca, Shinto, Buddhist, or Voodoo. It does not matter if you are gay or straight. It does not matter if you are conservative or liberal. It does not matter if you are black, white, or blue. It does not matter if you prefer the XBOX or the Playstation.

There will be times when we disagree. The important thing is we remember to discuss everything in a civil manner, and we remain open to others ideas. Remember, we all have something to teach. Sometimes all we need is a new perspective.

We as geeks are supposed to be the smart ones. We are supposed to be the most open-minded. Geeks like us invented the Internet. Let’s put it to better use. After all, we’ve got a planet to save.

And the Geek Shall Inherit the Earth.