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Digital Noise: Episode 3

From the dark recesses of livingrooms unknown comes the scariest podcast you have ever experienced. Well, only if you have an irrational fear of husky nerds reviewing the best and worst of this week’s Blu-rays and DVDs. Otherwise, it should just be a great time.

The couch commandos read from the Necronomicon, round the bases with Jackie Robinson, and take a bullet to the head from, well, Bullet to the Head. They also answer your questions in The Letterbox and giveaway another awesome prize. Don’t you dare touch that dial, unless you’re cranking up the Digital Noise.

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Bullet to the Head Blu-Ray Review    Boondock Saints II Blu-ray Review  42 Blu-ray Review

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Solomon Kane Blu-ray Review  Evil Dead Blu-ray Review  Wild Bill Blu-ray ReviewEmpty Space

Kidnapped Blu-ray Review  Black Sabbath Blu-ray Review  Rooster Teeth Blu-ray Review

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Orphan Black Blu-ray Review    Misfits Blu-ray Review

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