Digital Noise: Episode 4


Like it or else, the Blu Crew is back! This week, they cover Danny Boyle hypnosis, exploding hobos, and savage shipwrecked children. They also answer more of your questions and offer a disgustingly awesome giveawaaaaaay!!!

Hey, it’s Tuesday, so it’s gotta be…Digital Noise!

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Trance Blu-ray Review  Ginger and Rosa DVD Review  Erased Blu-ray Review

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Detention Dead DVD Review  Vanishing Waves DVD Review  Lord Flies Blu-ray Review

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MST3K DVD Review  Starbuck DVD Review  Heavy Traffic Blu-ray Review

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Bus Stop Blu-ray Review  Pieta Blu-ray Review  Niagara Blu-ray Review

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Dr Who DVD Review  Hell on Wheels DVD Review  The Silence Blu-ray Review

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Street Trash Blu-ray Review


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3,992 thoughts on “Digital Noise: Episode 4”

  1. Sweet! I got a question read! That’s awesome. Luke, you have a Japanese Blu-Ray of The Wraith?! Hell yes! I gotta find me a copy.

    Also, I’m eager/hoping that next week you review Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox. It really was…different…compared to the other DC animated films out there.

  2. Also, it should be noted I got my region-free Blu-Ray player in February of 2012 after I heard a few episodes of your previous show. I loved the idea I could buy British blu-rays and DVDs straight from the UK as opposed to waiting for them to be released here and pay the $80. Ironically, I only have one British Blu-Ray, Misfits: Series 1. Still, I LOVE imports. I just wish I could find a good place here in Manhattan that sells them and they’re NOT bootlegs.

  3. Alright, no Regular Show. Maybe if it was a 3rd re-release of Adventure Times third season it would be here, but not REG SHOW.

  4. Hey Guys!!! I’m from Lithuania, I really apreciate you reviewing my countrys movie and mentioning it! I’d like to help you pronounce the name of the director, but it’s hard to explain… Also extra question will there be a time when you will be sending giveaways to europe, or perhaps Lithuania?
    Thanks and I’ll be waiting for the next episode!

  5. I wouldn’t disagree with the ‘Meh’ review Luke and Brian give Heavy Traffic, and while Bakshi may be a miserable crank today, as serious film fellers, you all should not write him off. He pushed serious envelopes in deeply examining race, class and society in America in the ’70s. You need to give Coonskin, in particular, a very close look: trippy, non-narrative as F#<K, but it is an extremely innovate blend of live action, caricature-subverting animation, magical realism and American folk history. Brilliant re-working of the Brere Rabbit canon to explore black urban life, and the American Experience for everybody. GOT. TO. WATCH!

  6. the alcoholic drink i’d create would be called the Patrick Warburton. it would be a combination of absinthe, a bran muffin, a splash of blogman’s beard wax (depending on your size/bear proficiency), and a crushed up copy of the emperors new groove. side effects include Brian speakng like Patrick Warburton for 5 minutes per sip, and presumably something random coming out of your ass, like a slice of pizza, doggy toy, mozart painting….you know what, lets stick with mozart painting.

  7. My special drink would be called the Man of Steel, for two reasons-One, it has a stinging silvery look and taste to it, when you drink it your throat stings, not in a whiskey way but in an uncomfortable way. The second reason is that when you drink it, the power of the drink flings you into the most populated building within 100 miles, even if you were earlier just in the middle of nowhere. Side effect of the drink is that all of your childhood friends will become oblivious to the damage you have created and will die/humiliate themselves to justify your reputation.

    PS-Since I won last week, and Brian already said this, but you guys are the nicest! I was sort of expecting people getting all bitter and mean, but you guys were great and are great, and make me proud to be one of The Us. Thanks!

  8. The drink that I would create would be called “The Swayze” it has a smooth taste that just follows into you like a nice scotch, but it has a nice kick to it as well that is full of flavor. The side effects of this drink is that your hair no matter what length is styled like Patrick Swayze, and every time you enter a building you round hose kick everyone in your sight. But not the ladies cause with them you just have to ‘dance’. At the end when the drink has runs its course you must avoid shadows that will drag you into the darkness.

  9. The Death Wish YOLO- a liquor drink that contains every amount of energy drink ever known to man and some nice soothing vodka.

  10. Question for The Letter Box

    Hello all if you had to choose a movie you love to see for the first time like have your mind wiped of that movie just for that showing

  11. The Mel Gibson would be my creation The combined drinks are 2 red bulls, scotch, Vodka, Whit Russian and a small dip of 5 hour energy. The effects would be shouting racial slurs, calling women sugar tits, blaming Jewish people, and possibly leave a very angry voice mail to your loved ones.

  12. My drink is called “Deus Volt,” because one sip will send you on a crusade. The drink is prepared as such: first, you will need a large fish tank and no less than thirty Japanese fighting fish. The tank will be filled with water (for now), the fish will be added, and blood will be spilled. The remaining fish will be rounded up (careful) and boiled alive in the cheapest beer one has on hand. Japanese fighting fish are very proud, and realizing that he had fought against all those bloodthirsty opponents only to meet his end in a pot of boiling Miller High Life will anger the victor fish well into the afterlife.

    Next, drain the tank, and fill it half full of formaldehyde and used french fry grease. Let the mix settle while the victor fish’s carcass is placed in a mason jar with crushed glass, a half cup of simple syrup, as much scotch as will fit the jar, and a good handful of chest hair from the most evil man available (Mel Gibson is selling this on Craigslist if you live in one of those “nice neighborhoods”). Seal the mason jar and shake it with one of those machines they have down at the hardware store to shake the paint cans. Pour the contents of the jar into the fish tank. Mix the solutions together with a deadly weapon (you pick).

    After that, the tank top will need to be sealed with saran wrap and kept in total darkness. You will then need two boom boxes placed on opposite sides of the tank: one will have it’s five cd changer filled with death metal, black metal, what have you. The other boom box should be tuned to the local country and western station. Turn the Country boom box up as loud as possible, the Metal boom box should be a quiet whisper. Turn off the lights, lock the door, and let it sit over night.

    The next morning, destroy both boxes with the same deadly weapon used to stir the solution earlier. The solution should shift from a greenish shade to a deep red after this is done. The final step is to strain the mixture through an old time prospector’s gold pan. Discard the sludge that has been strained out (preferably a safe distance from your loved ones). Congratulations, you are now the proud owner of one gallon of Deus Volt.

    The drink itself has many effects on the imbiber. I myself gained the ability to not only see sounds, but taste thoughts as well. This minor power led me to a small amount of fame that night, the only part of which I can recall is looking into a mirror to find my left eye undergoing mitosis, splitting in half, giving me a third eye. The third eye then ran, like a drop of water, down my face, eventually falling off of my chin. All the while, I could see from the eye, the vision only shattering when the eye hit the floor. I awoke the next morning in a rented U-Haul trailer, having fluids being put into me by an officer of the local Reservation Police. I was in North Dakota, over 500 miles from where I had first drank the Deus Volt. The officer told me that I was cleared of all charges, as long as I promised not to ever return to either Dakota. He obviously didn’t know I was planning on that already.

  13. The alcoholic beverage I would create would be called The Cloverfield. The ingredients are as follows: slusho, vodka, kaiju blood, and a lock of JJ Abram’s hair. When consumed it immediately messes with your senses. The most notable will be your vision as everything will start to shake and go in and out of focus for about an hour and twenty minutes. You will want to vomit. The drink is so strong that you will become completely annihilated after the first sip. This will lead to you being oblivious of your surroundings and destroying everything in your path that comes between you and that perfect coat room to pass out in. This drink will get mixed reviews when it is first released, and people will either love it or hate it.

  14. I know I’m a little late but I wanted to throw in my drink. Its more of a shot.

    The Signal 7 – Jaeger, Goldschlager, Rumple, Minze, Midori, Chambord, a cherry. A tribute to firefighters, a Signal 7 is the code for dead on arrival.

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